Storm/sent/cable(aa) 100% combo

Anyone know any 100% with these 3 characters. I know after storm’s LS you can DHC to HSF then end with a aircombo, then rp. Pretty much 100%. Anymore your people know of…besides (AHVB)x N hahah…

Storm on point:
air combo XX LA XX LS, dhc to sentinel HSF, dash back, hp, rocket punch XX HSF, dhc to cable HVB.

got hit with that from sanford many times a few weeks ago at CTF.:bluu:

ouch…anymore would be welcomed

air combo > LAxxLS > DHC [HSF > SHP > RP] > DHC HVB > DHC hailstorm > dash > clk > shk > air combo

probably overkill, but what do i know? i don’t use sent for crap

that’s like…not possible

I second that. DHC from a rocket punch? :confused:

oops… from hsf… mybads