Storm/sent/capcom av request


ne 1 feel like making a storm/sent/capcom av…?

doesnt really matter what it looks like (but make it look ok).

in that order…

THx in advance…

If not its fine…


I got this.

Expect it tomorrow (hopefully). :slight_smile:




hows it going?


One with blurriness, one without. Seems like some people don’t like the blurriness as much as I do. :slight_smile:

If you want anything changed (font or something) just say so, and I’ll see what I can do.


its fine



demz bofe prity p1mp y2j

looks like the screen or overlay or whatever is a little strong, particularly on captain commando, it kind of looks good with the av though


why doesnt anyone like the bluurness… except me:bluu:


Can I also ask of a small request to make me a Storm/Sentinel Avator? I would really appreicate it. I’m tired of this old av I have here. Feel free to ask me anything on Pm if you’d like, thanks!


Okay, give me a couple days and I’ll do it.


hey y2j, what is that font? it’s very nice


the blurriness is beastly imo…


It’s called aerial. You can get it here: