I heard this team goes good with commando but theres a good chance that he might get snapped in and he really sucks on point.

so if any1 has their own teams with storm/sent-g u can post ur team and its strategy. If u use storm/sent-g/capcom ur welcome 2 post ur strategy with them too.

and is storm/sent-g/cable-aaa a good team ?



you’re right ONE weapon CapCom sucks on point my suggestions are storm/ sent/ cammy , storm/ sent/ ken or
Storm/ Sent/ Cable andyes it’s a very good team so in this team you should act like you’re rushing down with storm but run away after a few pokes to build super for cable and sent also try to have at least 2 lv but its better if you have 3-4 sinceremember storm air combo to LAxx to LS super DHC to hiper sent force then launch to air combo or unfly or fast fly combos although i don’t know what the fuck that is … then when sent is like near danger or 40% of health left alpha counter to bring cable then xx to AHVB!!! after that keep away with cable and clean up what’s left of your opponent’s team !

P.S. don’t always ply fake rush down to run away with storm
do forbroke and after 1 or 2runaways rush that shit down and if possible go for the hk infinite without hesitation since it does damage like hell and mix high&low attacks and tri-jumps up and use sent assist as a rush down support and use it when going for a run away i.e call sent and poke till you see that the dronesare going to hit run away like a pussy and build some super levels up:evil:

that’s it ONE weapon hope i helped ya with this :smiley:


I dont know why my post got erased but I wrote you along one about this!

But storm/sent/capcom is the best team in the game. But if they have a assist that knocks capcom away like doom or tron or whatever just switch the assist to cyclops like I do because cyclops goes through doom and goes through tron and he’s also a better 3rd character then capcom is.

But for the most part storm/sent/capcom is one hell of a team. Just try not to let them in close enough to snap in capcom. IF he’s snapping in capcom then that means he’s most likely got magneto on point because he’s the one character who can snap someone in and then mess there shit up so if magneto is on point start sentinel and mixup c.fp with s.fp, fly frying pan, unfly, c.fp s. fp fly ect… Point is keep them away, Sentinel/capcom is toooooooooo good. Also, if they get hit by capcom wait a second and watch them fall to the ground, and then a a s.fp Pause, RP into HSF is takes a shit load of damage off and if you do it again with the pause the assist is dead. Magneto without a assist that knocks sentinel off his feet is going to get owned by sentinel/capcom.

But I use cyclops as my third person alot too, but you can’t take out capcom just for the “chance” of getting snapped in, sent/capcom do alot of damage and so does storm/capcom. But to me storm/sent/capcom is the best team in the game


Storm/sent/cammy is a ok assist for sentinel but it’s nothing like capcom’s. Both capcom and cyclops have the combo ability in there assist. Capcom is more of a fly combo assist that does so much damage it’s not funny and cyclops is a instant assist that can lead into combos after it hits and also can lead into more hits on fly combos but for raw power and spacing ability sentinel/capcom is the best.

Cammy can get hurt badly, she has one hit of invincibility then she takes damage badly. Plus, she hits at a angle it’s not straight up like capcom. Kens assist is horrible for both storm and sentinel sure it’s 3 invincible hits but ken sucks on point just as much as capcom does. Also, there is no combo ability with storm or sent on point with the ken assist.

I do agree with you saying storm/sent/cable is a good team but if you play this team you better be really good with the three, because you have really no anti air. You have a “Ok” one with cable but that one still sucks. But it is a good team and also, if you have sentinel second I recommend trying to put cable in at any point you can because if sentinel dies or barely escapes with little health cable by himself is going to get hurt very badly and if you bring in your hurt sentinel assist someone can just take him out with a instant assist. So I recommend always trying for the storm/sentinel one hit combo into death but if you don’t get it and you have cable third, I’d try and get cable in there at any chance I can because cable with sentinel ground behind him is hard to get in on if you do it right. Hope that helps. later


yeah you’re right The One ken sucks on this team but i played a guy with storm/sent/ iron man/ and i was pretty impresed of what you can do with sent/ iron man i got raped by this guy’s storm he mixed up and rushed down extremely well with her and gt my storm dead with infinite hk one and did la xx ls to hiper sent force kill then he began attacking wit sent and got me in the iron man assist and began hitting me with lk hk xx rp and since the assist was still holding me he got more hit’sand he drained my health fast an i realised iron man while i does not cover to much with anti air assist it will destroy’s you if you get caught in it
so i wonder is he worty of this team or should i stay with storm sent/cable or CapCom ?

thanx in advance!:smiley:


thanks everyone for ur posts:D
If any1 else wants 2 post too, u can go ahead.

Neo Slasher: The team with Iron Man is ok cuz his assist is pretty good and lots of ppl at the arcade i go to (CTF) use him. he can do really well on point too cuz he has a couple of infinites that can mess up anyones game. u can also DHC into his proton which hurts real bad.
u can change him if u want but i would just keep cable or capcom

can some1 tell me what that 100% DHC with storm/sent is ?
i know its LSXXHSF…then what ?


laucnh afta hsf… fast fly or corner combo…it fockin hurts


i belive a good combo i read ( although i’m not a fast fly or fly unfly combo expert instead i’m kinda a newbe on sent combos since my best so far is the la xx ls dhc to hsf) but back to the prob a good combo after this is sj lp , lp xx to fast fly( what ever that is in theory) lk+ CapCom assist , hp, ( assist hits) , RP ( hp)

i belive it does quite a lot of damag enough to kill the opponent

i’m sure that you’ll get the kill if you do this after 4-5 rp’s of storm’s hk tri-jump infinite ( fucking hard to do i’m still working on it since hk most tmes it doesn’t come out) hope this helps and don’t minds my frustrations lol:D


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thanks imma try that
any other good combo to do after LSXXHSF with sent alone or with commando or cable-AAA ?



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