ok i really like this team. its pretty versatile and i feel really safe with it.

what i do with this team is run away with storm, get 3 (try to aim for 4 if possible, 3 is good, and start rushing with 2 if you are low on health).

but what you wanna do is get 2+ meters, rush in with drones, air combo with storm, DHC into sentinel for the kill. in the corner, you would want to do lp mp rocket punch, hp, (pause) hk(otg), unblockable (watch out for switch) rocket punchxxHSF if they are still alive.

vs santhrax/scrub - wait for commando to be called, call sent and right away sj, ad f lk (whiff or make opponent block or if hits mk LAxxLS), drones lockdown here, and mix it up. try to fake them out as best u can, u can try duck duck, duck duck tri jump lk, walk up then back tri jump or, either or is fine. to be safe go with the crouching chain, sj ad u/f, lk mkxxLAxxLS DHC into sentinel etc.

if you happen to be left with sentinel/cable, you (of course) wanna corner and try to keep them there with cable. another important thing i didnt mention is USE CABLE SPARINGLY. a really bad thing that can happen to you is a 10% cable while ur sentinel is dying and cant use assist or do anything about it. anyways vs other sentinels, take a hit from commando, get unfly, thats step one. step two, slowly corner them, using cable (once in a while) and normal strings with fly/unflies. a really good thing to do is to lp mp while flying (if no unfly, do lp mp unfly fly repeat) unfly lk mk+cable, dash back laserxxflyxxunfly, sj. hp (sj hp is important vs other sentinels, has really good priority). sentinel/commando is better than sentinel/cable, but if you can hold it down so that ur sentinels die at the same time, ur cable should own commando 1 on 1.

playing cable with this team is pretty hard. but when you get to him, most likely you are in the end game. even though everyone knows how to escape cable/drone traps these days, its still good for building meter. switch it up with grenades and lp viper beams, along with scimitars if the opponent sj’s. j.hp+drones (land) c.hp has good air coverage if opponent is trying to get out. here’s the best part about having cable at the end though. most of the time you will have a couple meters, if not building them isnt a problem with drones. if you do that, and the opponent’s life is really low if you played smart since its the end, chip that shit. i dont mean go ahead and super anywhere, try to do it when they are on the ground. drones along with AHVB isnt the best thing to chip with, but it works, trust me.

if you are playing magneto teams, get sentinel out of there ASAP. cable’s AAA doesnt work good if you are playing good mags. its a little too angled for him and it usually just misses him if mag air dashes. still though sentinel can hold it down, but you have to be VERY careful. expecting quick j.hks, sj ad f to other sides, and quick but unexpected ( stunning sentinel). do get sentinel out, you need to get 3 meters, and if you’ve just DHCed with storm, its gonna be hard. try to get storm out early if you feel like you’re gonna lose her. that way, she has a decent amount of health. but anyways just laserxxHSF, u should make sure it stuns, then time flip to cable, and then back to storm with hail.

oh and also if you want to DHC into cable, try laser+typhoonxxHSFxxtime flip.

another thing is that I play this team storm/sentinel/cable in that exact order.

hehe sorry if u guys knew a lot of this stuff which im sure you did, just for the new guys who like this team. i was pretty bored too :tup:

uh, excuse me, but who the fuck are you?

14 year old scrub with horrible MvC2 strats, you think your good with a team so you just start a thread with your shit?


But wait! He’s a Magneto Maniac! Of course he’s good with SSCab!

parry i’d love to take your money in mvc2 anyday

my storm/sent/cable vs your team clockwork or im/cable/sent for 50$?

uh ohhhhhhh


i didnt bother to read your whole post but if in the beginning you stated you run with storm in the beginning. redonkulous. seriously, that is abusing runaway at its best. why runaway? you get more meter if you hit them , i’d only use runaway if i was almost dead and money is on the line yup yup

well these are my desparation tourney winning tactics.

but i was trying to say get meter first before you attack. it would suck if you hit and didnt kill them with the sent DHC.

magneto maniac has beaten josh wigfall…nuff said?

i usually run with storm until i get 2 meters… then it’s almost entirely rush. depending on who im’ fighitng that is… if i’m fighting yipes… i RUN… why would i try to rush MSP? im’ not that stupid… at least, sometimes…

and your point? if he beat sanford in a tournie, it’d be different


i have in a tournament a while ago. ask him.


beating wigfall in a tournie… OKAY GUY!!! you’re fucking special now.

hahahhahaahahahahahhahahhaaahahhaaahaahahahahahahahhahahaahahhahaha…wait wait…hahhhahhahaha. you guys are idiots, the only time i really come to shoryuken is to find info on characters im learning, the general thread is so stupid. im hitting trianning mode now, you guys bore me.

and who the fuck are you?

the future marvel king…lmao.

you’re 14.

and still win tournaments.

sighs Does everything have to turn to a war?

Anywho, this team does require the user to have an extremely better Storm than most teams. Also, it does have some teams that if played to textbook status, will totally blowout this team. Also, the norm is rushing often with this team, or at least how I’ve seen people play it.

I would suggest you start traveling and see how you do against other people before you say anything. I’m in the process of doing it a lot myself, because I love to travel, and I want to get better at this game by getting my ass kicked 7 billion times. Very humbling, but it is worth it.

So it would help you out to stop talking, and start going out and testing your skills, because anything can be said over a forum, but what about irl? If you choke while you’re playing someone who posts here frequently, you will never hear the end of it.