So I know this team’s pretty balance and have three top tier player but what assist and order is the best ?

I know the typical would be

but whatabout the other assists with storm and sentinel

what about
storm-vertical typhoon assist/sentinel-rocket puch assit/cable -anti air

also what if I do storm/cable/sentinel
would that make the team much different to play

just want to start a discussion about the team

when I use this team, I use Storm proj / Cable AAA / Sent drones
I prefer this way because Cable is hella good with sent’s assist and needs an assist badly… Cable alone dies easily to rushdown so, I don’t think he should be the anchor (last man standing).

I don’t like Storm’s vertical typhoon assist…
I prefer alpha or beta…
beta assist is underused but is very good! fast; weird height…
no one uses that! if you get used to it u can surprise a lot of people and maybe Storm’s beta type go well with Sent and Cable, gotta test that…
also Storm’s beta assist kills Strider / Doom badly…
when Strider teleport, call it and laugh… he won’t do a thing and probably will get hit

for Sent’s rocket punch assist, that’s good for the high damage but it’s slow as hell and you can see it coming and just block…
I think it isn’t worth using… of course you can ahvb after that but you lose Cable / Sent trap with bangs and nades…

that’s interesting with the storm beta assist , but I don’t see it being that good cause one 1) it make storm physically closer to the oppenent as a assist 2) its only one hit and storm don’t have the super armore or the priority as magneto with this assist (not sure how it compare to mag proj. but pretty sure its not as good) 3) even if you hit them with it, the oppoent gets pop up really high makin it difficult to follow up with anything

that’s just my thought on the assist , maybe you can tell me something more about it , since you use it more

I understand that’s the best order , but doesn’t storm/cable/sentinel-drone, give you another option to rush down more or be more defensive against rush down by abusing the drones. Maybe that order is better against rushdown teams like msp or team row

you’ll always want to have a storm/sent dhc ready on mag teams.

Make sure you kill that little bastard:lol:

another thing i am always finding myself LOVING about storm/sent/cable is that okay, you got the DHC of death, then you got sent right behind you…the option to alpha counter into the AHVB is always too good when going against another sent. all it takes is a c.fp by the other sent.

it’s a solid team but sentinel/commado rapes it…

it’s very fun tho. but i don’t like picking…too god like:lol:

ahh very true, I’ll stick with the s/s/c order now I know why that’s such a good order

now do anybody got any trick and combos with this team , i use sentinel but never really got serious with storm and cable.

also can anybody answer my questions about the other assist with storm , are they any good ? is the sentinel drone assist better suited for this team than the rocket punch assist?

Sent/Commando is one of the tougher matchups.
Gotta counter it with Cable.

firstly, it doesn’t kill strider/doom, a trap executed correctly will not allow you to call an assist the entire duration of one iteration of the trap. the point of the teleport is to get to the other side to push the opponent into doom. when you teleport the first whirl of rocks will still be hitting you, so you’re still in blockstun unable to call an assist.

the only time it will “kill” strider/doom if you call storm’s assist when strider is just teleporting normally against cable, than really it’s just commando + AHVB opportunity, and since the teleport will be close to cable it’ll probably be ackward to connect the AHVB anyways.

drones are slow, the rp is fast. it’s clearly demonstrated with team row that rocket punch is fast enough to be useful for magneto, and it still has very potent traps with cable on point.

for assists, stick with proj with storm. the vertical assist takes way too long to come out and storm is too weak as an assist to take any damage. you might get them the first few time due to surprise, but after that it’s very easy to predict…you practically have 2 seconds to see it coming. the beta assist is ok, but i’d rather have the invincible typhoon.

for sent’s assist, it depends how aggressive you are. the more aggressive you are use rb, the less use drones. use the one that fits your style better. one thing to note with the rb assist is an easy snapback infinite set up…ie d+lp+rp d+lp (assist hits) dash snapback

AAA only for cable. the spear is your only defense against runaway storms. plus the projectile isn’t all that great, you already have 2 other horizontal assists