Storm Strats.



Hi im a relevantly new player. I was wondering fi anyone can post Storms (Worth while) Combos and Infinits, her cross ups Ect. If your gonna use abriviate words if you can plz say exactly what you mean. And of possible post a Video showing the Combo, infinit, cross up Ect. Also Who plays well in a team with storm. Why and how. Thank you. Much appreciated.


Try the have lot’s of cool combos, inf etc.


Launch, sj Hk, d/f airdash, lk,mk, 2 lighning attacks XX Lightning storm is her most damaging air combo without a reset.

Infinites are listed in the earlier posts - in the show threads from the last 30 days box - set it to show threads from the beginning.

Resets are also in the other threads. Use the search.

storm vids / resets - get the dj B13 storm chapters (either from IRC #gamecombos, Goforbroke hub on Direct Connect, or get some kind soul to send them via AIM)