Storm vs. Cable

Well, here’s the Storm vs. Cable thread. Share all your knowledge on how to beat the shit out of Cable with Storm! :smiley:

I’ll start things off. In general, how do you want to try to get in on Cable/Cyclops?

well snice cyke aaa isnt what u whould call top notch,i whould just super jump to the very top of the screen and start doin vertical typhon.after blockin like 4 or 5 of those the cable player usally becomes impatient and starts going after this point all u have to do is rush him down or wait for him to make a mistake then combo his gay ass.but be warned we are talkin about cable

:whining: Lightnin attack is hard as fucc to do on a DC controller!!! :end whinin:

not really,just keep practicing and u will get that shit down preety nice.i can do the magic sereis, lighting attack xxlighting stormxx about 90%of the time. :smiley:

I thought as long as Cable doesn’t have a good AAA ( which everyone has, so it doesn’t matter), Storm has the advantage. If there’s something I don’ t know, help me out.

Storm vs Cable is not as easy as many people think… (ie:People that say “Just run away from that shit” or “just rush that shit down”)

Keep away patterns - In the middle of the match you’re gonna have to figure out what Cable’s patterns are… then attack… if you can’t attack and the match is about even start running… hopefully this will change Cable’s game plan.

What AAA does he have? - Pretty simple concept. Is it CapCom? Cyc? Can it catch you running? Where does it hit? How does it come out? How do you avoid it?

Baiting out assist - Simple as well. Dash forward and dash back… if Cable falls for it he should press the assist button, and since Storm can do a triple fierce combo on it, he’s gonna cover it some how… (grenade, AHVB, etc) try to plan for any of those.

Hopes this helps :slight_smile:

Anytime Cable super jumps without dropping an AAA first, wavedash underneath him and once he lands go for a cross up overhead with a tri jump rh. Usually when Cable’s do normal jump fierces, you have time to wave dash in and either land a st. rh or cr. rh which you can follow up with an air combo into lightning Storm. If the Cable starts getting bold and wants to rush you down, remember that Storm’s standing and crouching roundhouse, fuck shit up. Her standing will beat out Cable’s falling roundhouse and her crouching roundhouse reaches more than half screen. Another thing, punish assists whenever you can unless you think they are baiting. If they aren’t baiting, you’ll have enough time to land a cr. fierce on an assist character then super jump cancel into blocking.

king jada, this is mix, please jesus stop posting bile!

Why didn’t you come to gainseville?

Anywho, deus is on point with some tips.

Be on the look out for cables that stand in the corner waiting for you to come down from sj with a jump up lp,fp ahvb, that can be somthing people fall for when trying to float to the other side.

hrms… watch for cable’s magic air rh. It’s so magical I’ve learned to dislike dashing underneath him and trying for setups.

Unfortunately this is becoming an uncommon tactic, because commando, storm, sentinel, magneto’s assist does not bring the assist char out horizontally the far. That (viscant) tactic works a lot easier vs. cyclops. And he isn’t as common these days.

The point of that tactic is to c. fierce, and if cable does nothing, proceed to sj fierce, dash df, more fierce/rh chains and end over cable where he can do little.


Like 2 years later…

i dint play the game 2 yrs ago lol i just started bout 9 months ago

IMO, this is in cable’s favor. I’m no scrub, trust me, but if storm runs away, cable is gonna cross her ass up when she lands. Wavedashing is the key here, and most likely, there is no telling where cable is, on which side, and will eat an AHVB.

Rushdown, on the other hand is a bit more difficult. Scimitar dat shit when you see the blue icy thing you see when people super jump. Doing a s.hkxxahvb is a good technique too.

With that said, storm is alot cooler and better to play. I think she beats cable most the time, even with those tactics used. GGPO scrubz.

EDIT: Grabbing as much as possible and the threat of an AHVB stops a hailstorm. Stay near, its not as much as storm’s game as it sounds :slight_smile:

yea dat is true but cable cant air dash like storm soo all she needs to do is rushdown snap out and kill da rest of his team till cable is left alone and boy wat fun is dat. then you just runaway storm LOL mix up the falling part tho they might catch you i know. well dats MO storm wins

Im having some trouble with cable/commando.

When I try and jump in his commando will either get me or i block and get pushed back. On the ground his beams and capcom keep me a good deal away.

I also have capcom as my assist.

I try to bait my friends assist but it seems that he only calls it out when Im in the air or get close on him.

Don’t jump if cable jumps, if he has u in a corner get out or wave dash under neath when he jumps at u. of course all easier said then done, cable will make it his 1# of objective to chip u or inflict horrible pain.