Storm Wiki

I started up the Storm Wiki part… Imma keep adding to it when I feel like procrastinating, but go correct/add stuff yourself too.

The MvC2 portion of the wiki is pretty pitiful, with none of the big 4 having a page (shit, MORRIGAN is the only decent char). Storm’s probly the easiest page to do outta all them (Mag’s got too many combos, Cable’s got traps (but he’s probably 2nd), Sent with all his technical shit that scrubs don’t understand), so I figured I’d practice my Wiki skills.
I just got specials, supers and assists… editing that shit takes hella long. If no one else gets around to it, I’ll probly put up normals+frame data and easy-mode tactics sometime soon…maybe.

…ah what’s the point. Game’s dead anyway right? :lame: