Storm's corner otg combo?

can someone post up any of storm’s otg corner combo. regardless of damage it does look pretty damn cool.

Launch, sj.RH, dash DF, sj.RH, land, s.LK, s.LP, s.Fierce, s.RH

You can thrrow anytime, most people do it after the fierce, just do the fierce, wait a second, call assist and throw.

just do the rom combo with storm

im a little rusty, but i guess you can consider her triple fierce combo an otg. (launch, fp, ad/df fp, rh)

useless but u said post it anyways (,, sj cancel ad/d lk, launch, into wuteva). that i guess is the ‘fancy, only do on scrubs’ combo. I guess if you fuck up and do two’s and they don’t roll, you could stick a c.rh, la xx ls

corner combo juggle, there are different variations, here is what i use. (launch, rh, rh,,, s.fp, s.rh)

I dont think u only do that on scrubs…that shit works on a sent that 4gets to block low…den follow up…fun stuff

Well u can do s.rh,sj.rh,,s.lp,s.fp,s.rh,rh grab+psy assist then whatever… if i said it wrong please correct me thx

one of the variations i was talkin 'bout

corner combo’s scratches chin :smiley:

i use RP assist with storm so this may not apply to everybody, but em disruptor will work the same.

from midscreen i do, c.short > s.strong RP hits la > LS. or if you have no bar: c.short > s.strong > s. fierce, rp hits at the same time, launch > roundouse, ad, short > strong > forward > feirce horizontal typhoon.

at the end of this combo you have already completly descaled it so doing la > ls about completly usless and a party foul so i throw the typhoon on the end of it for mere shits and giggles.

corner : c.short > s.strong > fierce, rocket punch hits, launch, then you can either do the normal corner combo for her (from launch would be : fierce, ad, roundhouse > short > strong > fierce > roundhouse) or i do LA > LS. but whatever floats your boat.

i’ve been screwing around with attempting a relaunch combo, i have heard that a such combo exists … can anyone enlighten me.

if it involves two fierces then it can’t be done…think of flying screen properties…if u can do it outside of flying screen parameters it could be done

the one i do w/ storm-A/Sent-Y/Cyke-B

launch, ad d/f, land,,s.hp, call sent drones, HP throw,, ad d/f, land, call cykes AAA, HK throw (should be dead) la u/f x 3 (defiately be dead)

vs. high armor characters, just do la u/f xx LS and they should defiately be dead

If you want to get fancy with Storm in the corner, try my combo.

Sentinel Assist Type [Y]

Launch, RH, AD~DF, lk, land, + Sent. Ass.,,, j.RH (assist hits), dash in, s.FP, cancel into manual super jump and AD~DF, RH, land, (otg), s.FP, s.RH.

Then you know the rest as far as grab and make assist hit and so forth.


I know that it may leave some a confused look but I don’t know how to explain it in any simpler terms.

Wtf beastly combo homie:eek:

Thanks, man. Did you try it out?

how much dmg does that crazy corner combo u just listed do compared to say her usual air combo into lightning storm? Is it one of those things that you do just to insult your opponent or is the damage good too. when you say (OTG) does that mean the rest of the combo is rollable, or is it an unescapable juggle

I believe it does a little over half life on normal characters like Cable and it is unrollable. I did it on both roll on and off and it still works the same way. It’s just a way to really insult your opponent for the most part because her regular corner combo is so basic and practically everyone has seen it done and knows what to look for so I just decided to add some spice to it up more, ya’ know?

You can actually go into the launch into the air combo after part of the corner combo where Sentinel’s drones hit if you choose to do that as well and there wouldn’t be an escape for the opponent which would allow you to go into the combo of death DHC.

I listed the OTG to explain what you have to do at that particular part to continue the rest of the combo so you can get an idea of what it looks like since I don’t have a video of it.

But yeah, for the most part it’s just for crowd pleasing but still worth a shot to try out if you get the chance.:smiley:

if you wanna get snazzy with that combo, you can launch after drones hit and do her magic series, airdash, magic series, la forward, la up, la down (they fly up, you go down), then throw when they’re falling to your height…

looks cool, does good damage, unexpected, and noone does it, plus no meter

this one u can do anywhere. launch with HP NOT HK, sj. hp, AD/DF sj. hp, hk(otg), s. hk. it does just about as much as her magic series, LA, LS air combo. so use this to build meter and do damage. it’s pretty easy to learn just make sure to launch with hard punch and not hard kick cuz it keeps them close to u that way.

im surprised no one mentioned this one yet.

launch + mags proj, XX a/d down, assist hits, land,, XX a/d d/f, fk, land,, s.lp, s.fp,

you can go for the jump throw after, but to mix it up i like to walk under and hit a,, XX a/d forward, lk, lk, LA XX LS.

fun times.