Storm's Infinite(s) Thread

Storm Infinite

Will some1 please tell me if it is esier to do storm infinite with a sj. or a reg. jump and what is her easiest infinite?

Storm Infinite

ground ifinites

sj or reg jump,dash d/f lk,hold up hk repeat

sj or reg jump,dash d/f hk repeat

on sent- reg jump lk,lk,hp,hk

Re: Storm Infinite

Just a note, hold up/foward while doing lk, lk, hp, then let go and do hk just before you hit the ground.

If you have the opportunity to land any of her infinites on a character (not including Sentinel), ONLY go for super jump, dash downforward xx roundhouse. It is the only worthwhile infinite to do. It does the most damage and results in a much bigger payoff than any of the other infinites. In terms of difficulty it is perhaps the easiest, considering all of the others require either an intermediate UP + FIERCE or UP + ROUNDHOUSE. Additionally, if you mess up on the infinite the worst that will happen is a whiffed roundhouse or a missing roundhouse (you triangle jump to quick) which sometimes can be covered with a connected standing roundhouse resulting in an air combo into Lightning Storm xx HSF xx DEATH.

However, if you want to be flashy, you can use tri jump short, jab. It looks insanely fast and isn’t seen very often and it is fun to do.

u just do a roundhouse and not hold up??


On the infinite that only works on set (lk,lk,hp,hk) what is the timing? I know ironmans infinte has certain timing to it what is the timing on storms sent only infinite?


how comes when i do a s/j then dash d/f and do a high kick the high kick never cmes out and hits???


You are either doing the roundhouse too late or you are triangle jumping too fast.

I’m able to repeat the sj, ad.df, rh thing…but I can’t get it to actually combo… More practice i suppose

do i have to hit the roundhouse as soon as i air dash??

Doesn’t she have another Magneto like infinite that goes…

launch, sj. hp, air dash down to forward, lk, lk, land, [sj. lk, lk, air dash down to forward, lk, lk]…repeat brackets


Re: Storm Infinite

You don’t have to hold up to do this infinite

    sj, dash d/f, lk,hk   :::repeat::::

In a regular launcher, everytime i try to do launch, sj, j.fierce, air dash (df), jab OR short they usually recover by the time i’ve air dashed…

i noticed though whenever psylocke’s AAA hits and i OTG with her s.round, sj, j.fierce, AD (DF), jab - short…it connects but im not too good at SJ cancelling i guess and i cant land and SJ in time to hit them again b4 they recover…

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i finally got the infinite on sent!!! oh happy day :smiley: now whats the best way to set it up???

nevermind. jumping fierce sets it up perfectly. are the other infintes harder than this one?

this works with magneto because his down+lk keeps the opponent in the same place, but with storm down+lk and lk are the same and the opponent will just go too high for the infinite to work

What’s the timing for the Storm infinite on Sent?

for the infinite on sent i found it easier to
hold downforward immediately after jumping. the 2 shorts come out as you’re jumping up into sent, the fierce near the top and the roundhouse on the way down probably about at sent’s lower midsection. without holding downforward after the initial jump i tend to float and it screws things up. the timing is pretty forgiving but just try to watch sent…when the fierce hits him into the blue stun he’ll stay that way for a second so you can add the roundhouse on the way down. this is the only infinite i can do so far :frowning:

how can you set up a storm ti-jump hk efectively?

for sent infinite, if you land it midscreen, jump u/f lk lk, hold forward, hp late hk, into corner then just do it regular

if you don’t trust your timing on the lk’s, you can do hp hk HELLA spaced apart and it gives you like 1/2 second to rejump into lk’s