Story Mode Discussion: Universes Clash Once Again


(Inspired by Street Fighter V’s Story Thread)

First off, I just wanna say that I’m one of those people who enjoy playing Story Mode and single player content in fighting games. So I was pleasantly surprised and excited to hear that Marvel V. Capcom Infinite was gonna have a story mode. I know this is gonna be a first, since previous MvC games only had an arcade mode with endings. So I’m really excited to see how the characters are gonna react and work together their differences to save the world.

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I know we’re just days after the reveal. But so far, an interview with the exec. producer had this to say abotu the upcoming story mode

Of course, the closer to the game we get, the more reveals and information will be released, but that’s all for now.

Until then, the floor is open.

The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

Skip to 1:20:30 on this video. MvCI interview

X and Captain Marvel will be the central characters of story mode.


I am going to assume for now that Incursions have to do something with it.


Pretty interested in seeing how this will play out. I’m wondering if it’s a total reboot of the vs series, or they’ll lightly tie it to Msh and have it that after beating Thanos, something went wrong with the gems and Marvel reality latched onto the Capcom universe(s).

Seeing possibly Ultron Mark Sigma be the boss is awesome, though I wonder if he’ll be a sub boss or the final. I remember when MvC3 first came out, I thought that Dormammu would be the endboss, but lo and behold, it was Galactus.

I really do wanna see how they do this and wonder if they’ll do a DLC story expansion as the game grows. I know SF5 is planned up till 2020, but it’d be nice to see MvCI grow. Also, I’d really love if they played up the comic/episodic content. I’ve always been a fan of title cards, it’d be cool if they used a comicbook and/or cartoon aesthetic.

I just recently came across this game while on a retro spree, but I like the classic Japanese toku show method they used for each level/chapter:

Also, and old favourite of mine, Evil Zone, played up the episodic format:

Could be a fun way to execute stuff. Not necessary, but a little spit and polish bundled with being stylized never hurt.


I just hope we get a real capcom boss this time, and not something like Cyber Akuma lol. If for story purposes only, then I would like to see Thanos have some involvement.


I would prefer Cyber Akuma and Mech Zangief as an exclusive personality icons for capcom crossover games than their generic counterparts not as bosses. Their regular counterparts should stay in Street Fighter.

Sigma X Ultron henchmen/army might be interesting. To bring back the likes of Solo a Strider recurring villain and Vile a X villain. Mecha based characters perfect but i doubt it won’t happen. This is the time to bring Huitzil/Phobos and Devilot’s Super-8.

TVC features Legendary Wings, UMVC features Arthur and Spencer, SFxT features Megaman Boxart, I hope they would bring in the like of Kevin Strayker from SF2010 then Arthur in mechanized armor based from Cannon Spike to compete with the machine invasion.

I hope the story is a mix of cosmic and tech. It’s like the Age of Ultron, Matrix and Terminator combined. There are lot of interesting rise of the machine or invasion machine virus theme stories lately like DC Comic’s Future Ends, MTG Scar of Mirrodin, Megaman vs Sonic and etc

I don’t prefer going combined or amalgam of Capcom with Marvel Characters like MK vs DC’s Dark Khan. The best would be mechanized counterparts or cybernetic implant version of Capcom side Villains to counter their rival Capcom Generic Heroes and no to marvel villains to be change unlike capcom villains.


Here’s a fun throwback. So I’m reading through the prologue comic in UMvC3’s intro and the lack of villains/story in that game was so painful that I don’t see why they bothered for that game. Chris and bodysuit Jill are working together when Hulk shows up. Wesker, the only Capcom villain to actually plan anything, is on a Skype call with Doom, Magneto, Skrull, MODOK, and Taskmaster. A bunch of characters are fighting when Galactus shows up.

If they are serious about the story this time, you can’t have Wesker carrying the Capcom villains. Vergil and Akuma just wander around doing their thing so they don’t count.


I’m gonna be very sad if MVCI’s story mode will be what SFV’s story mode should’ve been


One my favorite things about MvC3 is the dialogue between specific characters during the intro and end quotes. I want that expanded upon in this game. I want Iron Man to have unique dialogue when facing X.


Yeah, I loved that about MVC3. Iron Man asking Phoenix Wright to get a lawsuit on Stark Industries called off in his intro, then dissing his lawyer ability in the win quote, C. Viper talking about her dealings with AIM against MODOK, Chun-Li saying Thor was her “type” in her win quote. Since they’re really hyping up the story, I can see the personal dialogue being far above what it was in MVC3.


Newcomer here. I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with the decision to have X and Captain Marvel as the central characters In story mode. Even from looking at the trailer it seems that X discoverers the power gem while Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) seems to already be in possession of the time gem. I’d imagine Capcom is using X as an apology of sorts to all the fans missing Mega Man from the spotlight, specifically X fans, or maybe from the outcry and polls where he was on top, for UMVC3 DLC. I’d imagine Marvel wants to push Captain Marvel into the mainstream as she has a MCU movie coming out in a few years and I believe she plays a huge part in the infinity war and the Avengers team in the fourth movie.

All of that aside, I’m hoping we get dialog, eastereggs, and some awesome fourth wall breaking jokes between characters, similar to what is seen in Project X Zone. I loved the dialog between characters in that series (the one that had Sega Namco and Capcom in an RPG game). It also would be great to see some animated or GCI sequences or shorts in-game or outside just to promote the game and its cast. Might be unrelated, but similar to how Blizzard promotes Overwatch characters though animated shorts which explains their backstory or ultimate objective.

Edit: I’d imagine and can only hope for a sigma inclusion. The end almost looked like Ultron with the Sigma Virus or some kind of situation where Sigma (Possibly Dr.Wily) made a body from Ultron so Sigma can possess it via the sigma/zero virus. I’d love to see two final bosses though, a Capcom and Marvel one (Maybe based off if you selected a Marvel or Capcom hero as your primary character) … However the Ultron/Sigma combination sort of solves that easily…


The story will be everyone fights over the gems but thanos gets them anyways proceeds to rape until heroes pull off miraculous win


I hope capcom would pull in their character that has previous plots related into gems and magical stones or other cosmic stuff together with technological and cybernetic stuff to have synergy with marvel’s infinity gem and ultron.

Magic talisman, crystals, gems and stone related characters are like of Rouge from Powerstone and Tessa/Tabasa from Warzard/Red Earth along with the previous Ruby Heart that is a pirate from the previous MvC2 rather than just random promotional characters.


Now that I think of it, if they go into multiverse stuff why not some how tie in each vs series game as if they were their own separate realities of capcom vs marvel crossovers. I’d love an ending in MVCi where every character appears on screen, via art or animated, that has appeared in each vs title. Almost like a Marvel 2 ending but with each character from every crossover (just marvel and capcom related) hanging out before going back to their own respective universe.


It’s like Capcom doing a Kingdom Hearts like Square Enix.

It’s unlikely that they would choose to visit previous realities of crossover because it might bring complication they would, rather just going straight into nostalgic references or either promotion of their dominant and preferred choice of IP to market. I just hope they would at least bring synergy of interest and origins that will connect each other like computer virus, technological and magical stones rather than just random sudden interest.

The best direction is just re-using nostalgic costume and putting nostalgic characters like Ruby Heart, Cyber Akuma, Mech Zangief and Cyborg Nash to MvCi without bringing the same plots and origin from the previous reference game. Likely treated as alternative version that never needed to compromised to their other origins and plots. Yes, It still possible to see every character in the previous crossover marvel game but as alternate version of those other marvel game.

If you notice the endings and characters move sets in earlier 90’s crossover games like Xmen Vs Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom(1st) were interconnected to each other but not Marvel vs Capcom 2 is that is independent and set in a different continuity.

[] Nash isn’t a Shadow.
] Ryu losses his red head ban, his hadoken uses MVSF version in MVC2. So Ryu MVC2 is Ryu MVSF and Ryu MVC is never Ryu MVC2
[] Chun-li has no Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku in MVC2, So Chunli MVC2 is Chunli MVSF and Chunli MVC is never Chunli MVC2
] Iceman never had si MVC1 Special Partner Assist Move. So Iceman MVC is never Iceman MVC2
[] New MVC1 Special Partner Character is never made into MVC2.
] Even X-Men COTA Akuma is better than Akuma.




Lol wtf was that post


is it safe to assume that MVCI is gonna be set in it’s own canon universe, different from all the other capcom games? The reason why I asked is because for the longest time, each fighting franchise was considered to be set in its own universe. (Street fighter, Tekken, balzeblue,etc) But up until recently, there have been quite a few crossovers, especially with the more recent games. In the Kanzuki Beach stage, we see character from Fight school make an appearence, even though I’m not sure if any of Sakura’s meeting with them would be considered canon.

Also, we have Akuma jump the ship into Tekken, and now he’s back again. I’m wondering, if Akuma can cross universes, could that same theory be put into the MVCI story?


As far as Tekken goes, I think it’s universe has it’s own version of Akuma instead of it being Street Fighter’s Akuma universe hopping.


SF5’s story mode was hot garbage.

They had better do more than just a bunch of cutscenes interspersed with Easiest-setting CPU fights against mook enemies with two moves.