Story Mode Discussion: Universes Clash Once Again


If we ever get a secret final boss for this game, I really hope it’ll be Logos.


Though it is a very recent character so I don’t expect it at all.


What’s Logos from?


Ultimates 2 #3, just came out a few days ago.

He’s the combination of Master Order, Lord Chaos and the In-Betweener after the former two killed The Living Tribunal in the previous issue (been a rough 3 years for TLT :frowning: )


I don’t think The Living Tribunal is really dead, probably just not accustomed to its new powers well enough


Gotcha, he low key looks like something from Okami or Asura’s Wrath so I had to check lol


There’s no hierarchy in the post SW universe and it would seem like Logos wants the Tribunal’s old job.


I’m definitely not ruling out the Living Tribunal actually being dead, but personally I just think the new Living Tribunal isn’t quite perfect instantly reforming itself yet, and will come back soon enough.


Make Abyss playable but choose what version like Triborg from MKX


IDK why, but after age of ultron (the comic), every time a story involves Ultron, I think of time travel… wonder if it’ll be a thing on this story mode.


Well, it involves multiple realities at least.


There should be a scene in which Deadpool and Dante are hanging out playing Street Fighter and they argue over what they should order for food. Deadpool wants chimichangas and Dante wants pizza.


*Taken from Eventhubs


Inb4 pineapple pizza reference


Why would take news from Eventhubs when we actually broke the same news before them?


@d3v ah, that is my mistake. My apologies.


For anyone interested, there was a short comic that came with the physical release of Ultimate. It’s just a few battles. I uploaded it:

Hopefully it’s good enough for everyone to see.


I think I still have the comic that came with the collector’s edition of vanilla. I’ll try to find it.


Yeah, I still have that one as well. I really liked the various pieces of art from Bengus, Shinkiro, and a few others.


I like how She-Hulk is drawn here.


Chun tho