Story Mode Discussion: Universes Clash Once Again


Well, it involves multiple realities at least.


There should be a scene in which Deadpool and Dante are hanging out playing Street Fighter and they argue over what they should order for food. Deadpool wants chimichangas and Dante wants pizza.


*Taken from Eventhubs


Inb4 pineapple pizza reference


Why would take news from Eventhubs when we actually broke the same news before them?


@d3v ah, that is my mistake. My apologies.


For anyone interested, there was a short comic that came with the physical release of Ultimate. It’s just a few battles. I uploaded it:

Hopefully it’s good enough for everyone to see.


I think I still have the comic that came with the collector’s edition of vanilla. I’ll try to find it.


Yeah, I still have that one as well. I really liked the various pieces of art from Bengus, Shinkiro, and a few others.


I like how She-Hulk is drawn here.


Chun tho


Interesting that Storm is there but not Wolverine. I wonder if it means anything.


@“Doctrine Dark” Thank you for posting that dude. Love seeing Chun-Li in it, especially fighting with Ryu.


You’re welcome. Chun-Li actually had a little rivalry with She Hulk in-game. I didn’t realize this until Ultimate.

@PVL_93_RU You can read the comic here. I saw you mention it and figured I’d alert you.




New Story mode trailer! Definitely has an Avengers feel to it.


All my yes


Is it just me, or does it sound like Ultron is the one in control?


I definitely think Ultron is the one pulling the strings. Those are his drones attacking Asgard and he has a history of being a galactic threat. Sigma is sentient melware compared to him.


Last time a robot hivemind tried to infect Ultron, he infected them, so it makes sense he’d be the dominant personality.