Story Mode Discussion: Universes Clash Once Again


Leaving the story to Marvel is the only smart move. Capcom have some great characters, but they’ve mishandled them pretty severely as of late. It’ll be good to see some Marvel heads take on the universe with some fresh eyes.


That’s not true, Peter has dealt with the mystical elements before and Spider-Verse was Sci-fi anyway.

A lot about Morlun and his family was more Science than mystic, so i’m not sure what your issue is.

It would have been boring if there were no stakes. It’s certainly better than having the villains be push overs. You also forget the Spiders eventually turned the tied.

If beating the Inherentors was easy, there would have been no point in having the Alternate Spider-Men and Spider-Women team up.

Also, seeing Sentai Spider-Man again was fucking awesome.

Plus people complain about most events being heroes vs heroes, well here you go, one that isn’t and it was damn good.

Not to mention the story introduced several new cool Spider-Men.

Well, we already did see the Highway/Asgard stage.

Anya had nothing to do with that, her powers weren’t even similar to Peter’s up until Spider-Island.

Her deal was about some feuding Spider and Wasps cults. Or again, used to be.


I didn’t mean that Peter hasn’t deal with magical threats before. It’s not something is has to deal with regularly nor core element to his character and stories.

Anya’s character was created from leftover ideas from JMS run on Spider-Man. The character’s creator worked closely with JMS.


Mike Jones bringing up the worlds merged intrigued me. When I looked at the trailers again it seems like the setting of Mega Man X has merged with Asgard. Running with this idea it would be fun to see the following

The Savage Land populated with Monster Hunter monsters.
A AIM/Umbrella joint lab
Murderworld being in movieland
Xandar with elements of Neo St. Peterburg
Phoenix Wright courthouse with Ronan the Accuser as judge with She-Hulk and Matt Murdock as lawyers (If both of them are playable replace She-Hulk with Two Gun Kid and Daredevil with Foggy)



I agree no stakes are boring, but wanting stakes isn’t the same as wanting a bloodbath. I wanted something fun, I found Spider-Island fun and creepy and entertaining and they weren’t carting in corpses of heroes left and right. You enjoyed the story and that’s good, but I personally didn’t have fun with it. I gave it a few issues, but I didn’t like it. And yes, I can agree that Sentai Supaidaman was amazing to see, but it sucked Leopardon got to do nothing.


Shh…he’ll hear you…too late


This idea is too good. This better be real.


Someone send this as a pitch this to Infinite’s dev team plz ^.

Here’s another idea: Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (or at least parts of it) have ended up right the middle of Willamette Parkview Mall, with a bunch of mystical beings that Strange tries to keep at bay escaping and fighting zombies from the latter location in the background of the stage.

You could even have a few survivors from the Mall make an appearance as they hid in barricaded areas watching the fight from afar.


-Mephisto’s Realm/Marvel Demons invading Nippon (Okami-verse)
-Marvel Zombies in Willamette
-The Intergalactic Fighting Tournament from Ryu’s MvC3 ending, featuring Ken Masters vs somebody in the background


I am so hyped for X’s vital role in the story. This is gonna be awesome.

Please Capcom, make the story mode similar to Street Fighter V or even better. The cut scenes story mode from SFV I love soooooo much.
Seeing X and other Capcom plus Marvel characters in such high quality cut scenes would be awesome to watch.


After seeing how Matt Murdock was able to get Wesker put away in Chris’ MVC3 ending, I’m hoping to see a potential encounter between Daredevil and Wesker in Infinite.


Who would be the boss or bosses of MVCI


That can work, especially since Daredevil is a prosecutor these days.

I’d switch Two-Gun kid with Beetle/Janice Lincoln though.


Ultron, Sigma or some combination of both, along with Thanos.


Thanos will probably be in the game, but he probably won’t be a boss.


Enough underachieving. This isn’t the 90s anymore. There should be multiple bosses instead of just one or two.


The problem is that bosses take away development resources from actual playable characters.


I’m guessing the only unique boss is Sigtron.

In SNK Vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium, the mid-bosses were Bison/Geese. If you had an SNK character in the 1st slot, the final boss was Evil Ryu; if you had a Capcom character in the 1st slot, Orochi Iori was the final boss.

Here’s what I predict: you’ll fight Thanos at some point, who’ll be wielding all of the Infinity Stones. Once you defeat him, you’ll encounter Sigma/Ultron as a pair. After defeating them, they’ll merge into Sigtron and have access to the Infinity Stones for the entire battle. This’ll be the final boss.


I’m fine with this if it means that we get all three as playable characters (especially Thanos, if he keeps his MSH “best divekick ever”).

That said, if this is so, they should be playable in Versus from the start.


As long as Thanos has his Bubble of doom, I’m good.

I agree. Most look down on the idea of unlockables, anyway. I don’t dislike them, but I understand that tournaments makes it a chore.