Story Time/Few questions about Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend before purchasing

I want to start off by saying that Blazblue was the one that got me excited for fighting games, and I bought Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend on the PS Vita hoping I could learn a thing or two…But, since I am a beginner, it was the first fighting game that I immediately dropped because I was frustrated and intimidated by its Challenge modes, strict combo timings and due to its large cast that I couldn’t choose which character to play…Pathetic, I know. But, every beginner has a story like mine. When Arc Sys announced: BBCP and its final updated Extend edition, I was surprised how fast-paced the game became (faster than before), with its Overdrive mechanic and new moves, characters and etc…Needless to say, I wanted to give Blazblue another chance. I have some questions regarding Extend before downloading/purchasing:

  1. Is the Challenge mode/Trials less intimidating on new players??? (I dunno if I am making any sense here…Currently fighting off a cold).

  2. I heard that some combo executions are somewhat “easier” to pull off on some characters now, (i.e: Ragna) is this true?

  3. I know that the game have some rather in-depth tutorial throughout all of Blazblue series, but is it easier to pick up and play?

I know the questions sound really beginner level, but I am just curious to know how much of the game is changed in terms of: accessibility compared to: Calamity Trigger and CS Extend, combo mechanics and etc…

Once again, I apologize for my in-excusable scrubby manner.