STR Presents: X-Mania USA AND Tournament of Legends II @ EVO 2014


Such a great show with the tournaments Kuroppi! Such a long list of dedicated contributors working together to make it all happen. I watched it all live and was impressed to see the stream hold up with the limited bandwidth Sergjiev had to work with. Good job to all the Arkadeum stream commentators, and it was great to see so many people. I think it is good to get many people because it makes it feel more like you’re there. Huge shoutout to MrTuttle!


thx to xgamer again. i’m gonna relive the top32 again now that i’m fully rested :slight_smile:

TOL II 2014



Thanks to you Kuroppi for all your hard work, for being such an instrumental figure in reviving ST at EVO, and for bringing us such awesome tournaments! お疲れ様でした!

Looking forward to more hype next year!


EVO 2014 Xmania Finals Full 3 v 3 Super Turbo SF2
Team Japan 2 vs Team Special Forces starts at 48:25.

Many thanks to Kuroppi and everyone that brought us ST at EVO this year.
So many Japanese players! I still can’t believe they came out.
MAO with the swag! LOL
I was hoping to see Kusumondo and Kurahashi (blue Ryu), too bad they didn’t make it.
Anyone know if any of the Japanese players will come out next year? Assuming ST at EVO comes back.


Wait, so this Kurahashi (Jab Ryu) is the same as the other Kurahashi (Fierce Ryu) is the same as the famous Guile player Kurahashi?
I thought it was 3 different players with the same name. LOL


How do you do this?


Thanks papasi.


There is only one kurahashi! Mars asked for a FT5 guile vs guile in the salty suite. I believe this is the first time he played guile that weekend. And his guile is freaking crazy good, no rust at all. Hanasu have that captured iirc.

You neg edge all 3 punches. The motion that he did is very fast. But it’s not the simply full half circle like many people said.

I believe he did a DP from the direction of the wall and ended in half circle the other way. So he covered DP in both directions, and block assuming claw will cross up. However this is all very hard to time.

And look at what eugene found


Papasi can you please post footage of Afro vs Kurahashi and mars vs valle thanks


whose arcade white stick w/ pedestal? Anybody got more details on those?


top arround 2000 viewer on TOL 2
and most of day for both TOL 2 & XMANIA between 600 - 800 - 1200


Did you or anyone catch the viewer count for Top 8 for X-Mania on the Evo stream?


They were custom-made arcade stands courtesy of Sergjiev, same guy who runs the stream over at They’re paired up with a PS360+ running Seimitsu LS-32s with Sanwa 30mm buttons with RG switches. They are delicious to play on, and nobody really had anything bad to say about it in terms of its performance.

And just by looking at Hanashi’s hands, he was doing more than just do dp+half circle back. That technique has been known, and discussed, for at least the past two years since ToL1 when MAO showed us. A variant of this cross cut technique has been in use for awhile now, and even Choi uses it to auto correct DPs in SF4.


I wish I had noted this while watching. I tried looking up the data from the same site that was used to compose this nifty mapping of such data for Sunday’s finals, but don’t see it:

(in the visualization, up at the top you can click the gray boxes to get the mapping/annotations). UMVC3 finals peaked that day at 147,372 viewers, the most that day, incl. Ultra finals.


It was good to see everyone again; I had a ton of fun at this year’s Evo. Apologies that I didn’t make it to the salty suite but I was feeling like crap on Saturday and Sunday. Currently at home with a high fever :(. Congrats to all the people involved in organizing another amazing ToL event and I hope to catch you all again at the next big ST gathering.


Ah, some of us were wondering where you were. Get better soon, spider!


Tol ii was awesome, just unfortunate about the stream quality. X-mania was insane, every second was thrilling. Mao was absolutely hilarious. He’s the villain and not only knows it, but relishes it. The championship belt, the taunting, pointing, facial expressions, he’s easily the most entertaining FG player I’ve ever seen.

Thx to all who organized and worked on this, keeping ST alive.



not sure if 35000 or 60000


Brendan O’Dowd update (Salty Suite Money Matches)


The Sergjievs playlists for high quality videos (similar to xgamerz links):


hey guys, just wanted to step in and say thanks for hosting this tourney first off. i know it required a ton of hard work and im sorry i couldnt be of much help. i also noticed a lot of you guys hanging your head and feeling like the japanese have this huge edge on you. might i remind you that i never practice and i was up a round and barely lost by pixels to mao and also tokido. if you have the knowledge there is always a way. i know you guys are training mode monsters so just keep trying until it works. jump jab is awesome against vega(claw) with many characters. dont let vega dictate the match. it seems as though a lot of players just give up and let wall dives kick your ass and you give up. im telling you, its beatable and im sure jason cole will agree with my logic.

the game is old, and it seems like its run is probably over, but thats on you guys to keep it alive! ST will never die so keep your head up! also i dont want to seem like i stopped by for self promotion, but we are holding an event in november and daigo is confirmed to be there so far. maybe you guys want to help organize more foreigners to come out and celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the daigo parry! up to you, contact me if you have any questions and nice to meet the new guys this evo and see old friends aswell!