STR Presents: X-Mania USA AND Tournament of Legends II @ EVO 2014


Congrats for my boy stplayah for winning NWM VI .


Ask ur boy if he wants to mm me at evo


Sorry I’ve been neglecting the forums. I’ve been focusing on Facebook and Twitter for the announcements but catching up on all the announcement/news now:

Northwest Majors ToL II Qualifier Results:

STP defeats Axel Kelly in the grand finals of the Northwest Majors TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier for EVO 2014!

Thanks to Michael Yu (Slash5150) and Chris Anderson for helping us organize this qualifier and to Largemann for streaming.

1st - STP
2nd - Axel Kelly
3rd - Airthrow



Stunfest ToL II Qualifier Results:

Justin Wong defeats Balcork in the Grand Finals of the Stunfest ToL II Qualifier. Because Justin Wong has already qualified, the qualifier spot goes to Balcork!

1st - Justin Wong
2nd - Balcork
3rd - Zagi
4th - Max
5th - Dav35
5th - Milanea

Video (Part 1) - Video (Part 2)


Nakamura Cammy is Invite #5 for X-MANIA USA / ToL II!

Japanese Grandmaster, Nakamura has confirmed his participation for X-MANIA USA and TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II at EVO 2014! Nakamura is considered the #1 Cammy player of all time but don’t let his character choice fool you. His experience and skill can beat anyone at any time as evidenced in the match below against Otochun. He has placed 2nd and 5th at X-MANIA in the past and just recently 5th at Gian Recital this past weekend.



East Coast Throwdown ToL II Qualifier Results:

TechnicalMonkey wins the East Coast Throwdown TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifier for EVO 2014!

Special thanks to John “SweetJohnnyCage” Gallagher for helping us organize this qualifier.

1st - Technical Monkey
2nd - Marsgattai
3rd - Real Decoy
4th - Zoolander
5th - Psychochronic
5th - Chris G


Super Arcade ToL II Qualifier Results:

Shotosallday and DNGR S PAPERCUT win the Super Arcade TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II qualifiers for EVO 2014!

Thanks to Mike Watson, Armando and MuffinMan for helping us organize this tournament. Special thanks to eltrouble for running the brackets and Sergjiev for streaming the two tournaments for fans to enjoy.

Qualifier #1:

1st - Shotosallday
3rd - eltrouble
4th - Mike Watson
5th - DGV
5th - Digital Infamy
7th - OG Ken
7th - Zaspacer

Qualifier #2:

2nd - Moocus
3rd - kuroppi
4th - Digital Infamy
5th - eltrouble
5th - Mike Watson
7th - James Chen
7th - AfroCole

Video (Qualifier #1) - Video (Qualifier #2)


Japanese Invite #6 for X-MANIA USA & ToL II is Hanashi!

Japanese Grandmaster, Hanashi has confirmed his participation for X-MANIA USA and TOURNAMENT OF LEGENDS II at EVO 2014! Hanashi is considered by many to be the top Fei Long player in Japan. Among his notable tournament results is 3rd place at X-MANIA XIII (2012), 5th place at X-MANIA XI (2010) and winning X-MANIA Europe 3 last year and also placing 2nd in the solo and 3vs3 tournaments.



Good Lord, dat forum spam.


This is easily going to be the highlight of EVO. I absolutely love the variety of characters in the Japanese invites also.




A new page is up with links to X-Mania USA and ToL II registration. You can locate your name on here to verify you’ve registered and prior to Evo find your pool and what time you’ll need to show up.

For X-Mania USA, teams will be listed once ALL members of your team have registered.

**Also, make sure you take this into consideration when forming your X-Mania USA team:

No duplicate characters per team is allowed. Old and New versions of the same characters are permitted (exampe: N. Ryu and O. Ryu).**

Online registration ends June 30th but the sooner you can register the better for us. If you miss online registration, you will have to pay significantly more to register onsite.

If you have registered and do not see your name on here, email Thanks!


We will be announcing the donation drive raffle winners live on Arkadeum’s Super Turbo Saturday Show at 5PM PST @

We will also be announcing Japanese Invite #7 for X-Mania USA/ToL II!

Thank you to everyone who donated!


Hey Guys I am finally graduating from Dental School tomorrow may consider starting to play ST again. Do any of you guys have the link on how to get GGPO set up? Also do people still even play GGPO?



The more, the merrier. Some are training offline, though.



We have offline sessions irregularly

Join the group

It would be nice to have you play again, since EVO is coming we want to have a few more practice sessions.

Yes, GGPO is still alive.
If you are using windows, ggpo is easy


Nifty. Never seen that before. So much better than the default GUI. Welcome back BTC!


Two weeks left for Online Registration for X-Mania USA and ToL II! Online Registration ends June 30th. You can do emergency registration at EVO but the fees jump up to $30 per player for X-Mania USA and $50 for ToL II.

Also, make sure that you are registered for Evo. Evo registration also ends June 30th:



11 days left for online registration (ends June 30th) for X-Mania USA and ToL II. X-Mania USA online registration is $10 per player and ToL II registration is $20.

Emergency on-site registration is July 11th (Friday morning) from 8AM-9AM ONLY. On-site X-Mania USA Registration is $30 per player and ToL II Registration is $50.

EVO registration also ends June 30th. There is no on-site Evo registration. You will need the Basic Pass to compete in X-Mania USA and/or ToL II.


ONLY TEN DAYS remaining for X-Mania USA & ToL II online registration (ends June 30th). If you miss the online registration deadline, you only have 8AM-9AM Friday morning at Evo to register and onsite registration jumps to $30 per player for X-Mania USA and $50 for ToL II.


If you don’t have a team for X-Mania USA you can still pre-register online and find a team at Evo or be assigned a team before the start of the tournament.