Straight Edge Gamers (looking for members)

I just started a Gaming Clan/Organization called Straight Edge Gamers. I am looking for Gamers to join.

I am looking for Gamers that are Straight Edge & active in the Street Fighter 4 tournament sceen.

What is Straight Edge? a commitment to refrain from drinking alcohol, using tobacco products, and taking recreational drugs.

Look at the video i made for info.

If you need more info please contacted me at or xbl my gt jarim the dream or on

I want to know what kind of support or what every one thinks about this.

If you make top 8 at evo you have to come out to this: [media=youtube]JafgtDwdwbg[/media]

ugh. Please not throwdown. Ever.

While I certainly share those views on abstaining from those practices I don’t see what kind of association one could make with gaming. it just doesn’t make sense.

Lol random post do you want to join?

Straight Edge means I’m better than you.

CM Punk.

Straight edge no longer includes abstaining from sex?

Awesome, I’m straight edge now. :lovin:

My thought are to make a group with the same mind set and a diffrent enviroment and a positive vide.

Me being straight edge i thought people the are straight edge would like to be in a gaming group like this.

Alcohol is good for your health. And lol. Prescribed psychotropic drugs are more dangerous on average than recreational drugs. Anyway, good luck getting more heart attacks than most people.

Bison is a drug lord. He is a LORD OF DRUGS.

(I can’t tell if this is ironic or not.)

I am getting so many weird post. I had a feeling this was going to get a weird reaction

Straight edge never included abstaining from promiscuous sex. On a personal level it might but outside of that nope. I used to admin myspaces largest Straight Edge group so I admittedly know a thing or two about the lifestyle.

But yea. Hey all the power to you if you can hook up with others who share the same outlook on things.

Yo you’re that free at drinking!? Afraid to get the train ran on you, how about me at a 8 drink minimum vs your whole league 3 to 1 odds.:smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin::smokin:

And og hardcore punks did obstain from sex… or said they did… check out my user name. :open_mouth:

That doesn’t sound fun at ALL.

The slight benefits you can get for your body through things like wine are also attainable through other means. So while it can be good for you in small doses there are other, non alcohol, items that can give you the same or even greater health benefits.

And on average someone who abstains from those practices have cleaner bodies than those that don’t. Though neither of them can compare to someone who doesn’t eat meat haha

I dont consider being straight edge a lifestyle. I see its as a decision you make.

I just made a group called little girls lovers

im looking for people who like little girls

what is little girls? ok i cant do this anymore i dont wanna get arrested

A decision that you make that effects your way of living is a lifestyle. But hey, its pretty much semantics at that point.


See Minor Threat song: Straight Edge



the only way to play street fighter is while your drunk.

I just realized you copied and pasted “commitment to refrain from drinking alcohol, using tobacco products, and taking recreational drugs” directly from wikipedia. That gave me a giggle. Can’t put it into your own words?