Straight Edge Gamers (Looking for Members)


I just started a Gaming Clan/Organization called Straight Edge Gamers. I am looking for Gamers to join.

I am looking for Gamers that are Straight Edge & active in the Street Fighter 4 tournament sceen.

What is Straight Edge? a commitment to refrain from drinking alcohol, using tobacco products, and taking recreational drugs.

Look at the video i made for info.

If you need more info please contacted me at or xbl my gt jarim the dream or on

I want to know what kind of support or what every one thinks about this.


I just drank so much weed and now i’m on X for some reason.


No alcohol? You’re not going to get many members.


lol straight edge



FSU, Count me in.


Whats FSU?


Far, far away from you.

Closed - while I admire your purpose, read the rules before starting another thread.