Strange Adon Glitch



Hey guys not sure if this is new, but I found this glitch when playing vs. an Adon.

I guess his Jaguar Tooth autocorrected but it just made him completely avoid me. rather then jumping off the wall back at me.


I dont know…

What are your thoughts?

Sorry if this is already known :s

If not credit goes to me and ShadowAce50 i guess :wgrin:


Never knew about this.Nice find.


It might have something to do with Fuerte crossing up at that exact moment.


it also happens if you OS a hk jaguar tooth akumas (and probably other characters) teleports.

sometimes also happens if you jaguar tooth at a super specific moment during vegas flying barcelona attack (if they do it on the wall Adons back is facing)


thats different though. The akuma teleport thing is because the game registers you tiger knee backwards because Akuma crosses you and TK backwards is jaguar kick.

Adon doesn’t have a quarter circle forward move =/


Haven’t seen that yet. Jaguar Corner-escape. I bet it happens so rarely though it’d be very difficult to use. Might have to try this in the lab to see.


[media=youtube]Ol4ApFLEXpE&feature=player_embedded#]YouTube - Zoro (Adon) VS Vega [CLAW[/media]!

Same scenario, different character and situation - 0:37 seconds.


he didn’t do the glitch tho. he did auto correct to the other wall


sick video, but holy fuck the music was way too obnoxious


Zade is so good o.o


It’s… somewhat the same scenario though =/ I didn’t say it’s the same thing but theres similarities and if you were to ask why, then it’s probably because of the cross up. Ya know?


Someone please tell Zoro just to unplug the xbox from the internetz kkthnx