Strange Ads

I foundthis in a local paper and thought it was just funny as shit with the title. Any one else see shit like this around town?

Edit: I don’t speak spanish that well but I know what shoes are called and didn’t see them as the point of the ad

Si. No zapatos aya…

From what little spanish I understand it looks like a front for a shoe store while they legalize cars lol. Only to fool stupid people that only speak english and don’t know that shoes have little to do with planes. I’m drunk though so I’m just making shit up

Not to hijack your thread but…

I saw this random commercial back in 2008 I believe. It was very disturbing.

It starts off in someones blood cells and pans out slowly throughout the body finally to the outside of the body and moves on to the drinking water in a cup. The camera continues panning out from the house, to the city, the country to a satellite in space.

The narration for this was creepy as hell. Something along the lines of…

“We are inside of your body, we’re in the water you drink and the food you eat, we are everywhere and we are always watching you” :wtf:
I swear to god i’m not making that up and my friend was with me at the time so I know it wasn’t just my imagination. Still to this day have never seen that commercial again and don’t even know what the fuck they were advertising. That shit had a creepy Orwellian dystopia vibe to it…:confused:

Has anyone ever seen this commercial and can you tell me what the fuck they were advertising? This shit has been driving me nuts.

germs? bacteria?

Not a hijack at all good sir. THe thread is about strange ads.

Evony ads. Facebook ads. Zwinky ads. IMVU ads.

These fuckers will just outright lie to you, no shame. Ever seen those “Cartoonise Yourself!” ads where they’ve got a picture of a realistic looking Peter Griffin? Yeah, link to the Zwinky site. Seen those ads where it shows a young lady and a Na’vi version of herself, saying “Avatar yoursefl!”? Yep, Zwinky again.

Fucking makes me sick. So fucking patronising.

true stuff but just fake or deceiving not so much strange or odd.


Strange and just plain creepy.

Man wtf!?!?

That shit would give the 8 year old me nightmares

Wow! that was getting sooo sexy voiced then BAM! creepy bear action