Strange Behavior - Bold Move jump going the wrong way

Hey all, I’m wondering if anyone can explain/knows the reason for this behavior:

If you do:
:d::d::s:(Air trick):qcf::l::l:(the hammer):df::h::h::h:(Cold shower) xx:f::h:(Stinger)xx Bold Move…

…Dante sometimes jumps the opposite direction that he sends the opponent flying (ex. If Dante is on the left side of his enemy when he does stinger, he will Bold Move to the left instead of to the right like you might expect).

I’m trying to learn how to Bold Cancel Stinger (lvl. 2) into Million Dollars, but sometimes Dante ends up doing Devil Trigger due to this weird quirk. I’ve tried fiddling around with the timing of the bold move input, but I don’t really understand when he jumps forward and when he jumps backwards. Right now, I’ve resorted to performing :qcb: instead of :qcf:for Million Dollars (assuming the opponent is on the right side of the screen), but it’s not always consistent.

I know what you mean. I was also under the impression it was a timing issue on my part. I’m guessing I should wait a little longer before I use bold move but I’m not sure.

it seems to do this as i’m trying to bold cancel stinger the system seems to glitch out because it didn’t manage to actually pull off an air trick.