Strange behavior with Turbo Lights on TE dualmod

Hi All

I wondering if someone could help me out. Recently I dual modded a 360 TE to work on the PS3 using the ChimpSMD. Later the client came to me and showed me that that some of the turbo lights turn on when he plugs it into the PS3. The dual mod works fine currently but I wanted to make sure that no other problems will arise as a result of this strange behavior. I’ve done this dual mod before and I have yet to see this issue.

Its normal, I had that happen to me using a PS3 TE with an xbox fightpad. Nothing bad will happen. In my case I just have a cool side effect of having the button you’re pressing light up in the turbo panel when you’re pressing it.
I also had this happen when I did an xbox SE with a chimp, nothing bad has happened yet

Yep. It happens with ChImps (and the new Imp boards). Just unplug/replug.

It’s a common glitch is all, caused by the crap that was used to make a Fightstick motherboard. Unless it’s actually activating turbo (which it shouldn’t be) then do not worry about it.

If you ever get more than one light staying on and it starts to irritate, you can perform a soft reset of the MadCatz board by holding down the ‘turbo’ button for a few seconds.

OK awesome. Glad nothing is really wrong. Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it.