Strange custom stick art ideas

I was talking about some custom stick art today since i heard some guy had a “perfect strangers” stick with the lyrics on it. Then we got into talking about some weird ideas like golden girls, Dwayne wayne, bob barker, etc. I’m getting the t6 bundle and it comes with a joystick for free (i’m paying for the game and art book thank you very much) and I’m wondering if anyone here had some random ideas for customs, like maybe a custom art where it shows a ps2 pad and it says “i’d rather be using this” etc etc stuff like that.

I do weird shit with my graphic design all the time. Mostly Street Fighter related though, as I usually don’t do ‘random subject’ sticks. :expressionless:

I haven’t seen any custom stick art that was as weird as some dude who tried to Blanka into a girl

my favorite stick art was the guy that made this huge level with a bunch of random sprites that were edited. i remember it had a Chun-li monster with multiple heads. that was genius :rofl: nobody has been able to top it so far imo.

Lol I remember that. That was some awkward weird furry sexual fetish on that stick. Looking at it you know the dude has a lot of furry animal porn on his HD.

you could have a ghetto stick witha bumper sticker on it that says ‘My Other Stick Is A Finkle’ or your stick builder of choice.

In fact I might make one up later for my stick.

syxx, make a stick with your favorite posts from the chicago thread.

lol oh man that would be sweet