Strange dual modded TE PC compatibility problem


I bought a madcatz TE sfxt VS stick and had the guys at EVO dual mod it. It’s a 360 stick originally and works completely fine for that console.

The problem is when I plug it into the PC via USB the guide button flashes full circle green for about a half second and then nothing responds. The LED inside the stick light up and when I check what devices are connected my PC finds a PS3 controller. It seems abnormal that my 360 stick is recognized as ps3 and won’t work. I tried getting the latest 360 controller drivers from microsoft to no avail.

Any ideas? thanks!


It is supposed to show up as PlayStation 3 on PC by default.
But it does not work?

Tell me on what day you had it modded.
I only worked on V.S. Edition on Sunday.
Gummo did V.S. on Friday and Saturday.


I think it was Saturday but I’m not 100% sure. It was a white guy who took care of it.


If it is a ChImp board installed inside, hold down 1k, 2p, 3k to force 360 mode
if it is a cerberous board, hold X


What do you mean by it won’t work? “my 360 stick is recognized as ps3 and won’t work”.
It will default as a ps3 stick when plugged into a PC unless you brute force it to be recognized as a 360 stick by holding 1k,2p,3k while plugging it in. The stick should work fine regardless of which system mode it is in.


When plugged in on ps3 mode the xbox guide symbol will flash momentarily and then the stick dies; it fails to respond to any commands. Could this mean there might be an issue when I use it on a ps3? I don’t currently own one to test it on.

But anyways, thanks for the responses. Using 1k 2p 3k to start the stick up works perfectly!


You probably didn’t configure it to take a generic controller rather than a microsoft controller
Check game controllers and see if ChImp PC/PS3 Controller shows up in the game controllers settings.


What commands does it fail to do on the PC? Its probably failing because the controls for the program need to be remapped.


What does it show up as when you plug it into a PC in the game controller’s applet? (Start->Run->“control joy.cpl”) We need that to know what’s in it, and that’ll make it easier to understand the setup and problem.


Its a chimp smd


For all intents and purposes the stick is ‘dead’. Not a single button responds.

It says ChImp PC/PS3 Controller status: OK


In the same game controllers applet, can you go to its properties and see if it shows button inputs?


Thanks for the help. You guys are very smart dudes. I am an idiot and I totally didn’t even look at my control mappings for ps3 mode.


glad things were fine.


this thread was better when the stick didnt work.