Strange joystick problem with HRAP EX


so last night while playing SF4 my left directional goes out. so being the little tinkerer that i am i crack it open and poke around, check for loose connections etc.

long story short though, the only other thing i changed was i put the restrictor plate in differently, and now the jump isn’t working. so easy solution i pop out the middle and bam everything works great. the only problem i’ve seen with this is that the middle part had some give when it was locked in to its standard position, though the give wasn’t that much that it should have caused dead zones. otherwise the rest of it seems to sit pretty secure.

this is mostly just a comment, but was hoping maybe someone here would know why? or if anyone else has had this problem. my reaction has just been to order a replacement plate and see how it goes.

also, this thing supposedly has a JLF, but why doesn’t it hook up to a pcb with the wire harness? instead i get mess of wires!


It is a JLF, it doesn’t have the pcb because the EX pro doesn’t use a common-ground pcb. Thus, it has 2 wires for each direction rather than a 5 wire harness.


The restrictor plate is surprisingly fickle. I rounded mine out with a step drill bit and now the diagonals (which are the same… I increased the depth for the orthoganals…) are hard to hit.

So, yeah I ordered some octagonal and round plates.


yeah i know, i am just being cranky =[ i was hoping to be able to just pop in a new JLF without having to do much.

but yeah i’ll place an order for a new square plate, i’ve really grown accustom to it over the octagons i’m used to playing on.