Strange Mod Problem

Hey guys,

after 5 years, i decided to finally mod my Hori T5 stick. I got everything working perfectly except one weird ass problem, the medium punch DOES NOT register with anything else. meaning, no FA on SF4 or overheads on SF3 or even ultras that require all 3 punch buttons at the same time :looney:

things i tried:

  1. switching the PCB board. had another lying around. exact same problem
  2. moved medium punch from triangle to L1. (meaning i solder L2 and configured it to register as MP)
  3. checked the wiring. i even cut the wire that goes from pcb to console to and reassembled it because it had a kink in it.
  4. gave every button its own ground instead of daisy-chaining.

im totally out of clue on why the hell everything works EXCEPT MP+(whatever). It does register directions, just not another attack button.

i would love to keep the oem pcb as its so easy to solder. its just such a weird problem, but everything else works flawlessly.

holy crap, spent another 2 hours troubleshooting (soldering, desoldering, cutting, etc) and it turned out to be a bad switch :arazz:

i shouldve learned. always start with the simplest and move to the hardest things.

anyway, i have two hori tekken 5 modded now!!

saving for reals parts now… (stock stick with happ comp buttons).