Strange PCB problem with FS3

I posted this in the Modding the Fighting Stick 3 thread, but I somehow doubt that it’ll be answered any time soon. (I’m modding for a friend, so I do have to return it soon.)

I had just finished modding my Hori FS3 but then after a while, my Square button stopped working. It might have to do with my PCB probably short circuiting by touching the bottom metal plate. I have quick disconnects so the back of the PCB is pushed against the plate. I’ve got that solved now by covering it in electrical tape.

I’ve resoldered the wire twice and removed the quick disconnect. I’ve diagnosed it and I found that the signal for the Square is acting very strangely. The ground for it works perfectly fine and activates all the other signals. However, when the signal doesn’t activate upon any ground and actually activates now upon release when touching another signal (or when I pinch the end of the wire with my finger.

Does anyone have any clue what’s going on? It’s acting really strange and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Slight bump because this problem is rather distressing. =(

Today, I tried to mess with it again and this time I tried to look for some alternative solder points.

This is the picture of the PCB, sorry for the shitty lighting… Those are what I think are the alternative solder points. The one on the bottom I think is connected by some sort of wire on the other side of the PCB. I tested both of them with the ground and they both don’t work.

This is a close up of the PCB area.

Anyone have any clue? Is my Square signal screwed? :crybaby:

I think you need to clean those soldiers on the ground. Looks like it created a permanent connection.

So I tried your advice and tried cleaning it as well as I could with my desoldering pump. It still didn’t work, but I did discover that what I thought were the alternative solder points for the signal were actually the ones for the ground. The point for the Square signal was actually the one next to it. This point behaves exactly the same way as the regular point.

So I did some more research and I actually plugged the PCB into my computer instead. I discovered that the signal is actually constantly on, so you were kind of right. Whenever I touched the square signal to another signal on the PCB, it actually DEACTIVATED it, and then re-activated whenever I released. However, I tried to reproduce the same behavior by holding down one of the buttons and then connecting that signal to another one, and it doesn’t behave the same way.

Another thing I did was find the Square solder point that’s connected to the chip. I decided to try to isolate the problem and I actually disconnected the wire on the back of the PCB that’s connecting it to the other point on the left. However, to my dismay, the Square signal was still constantly activated, so means that this problem lies with the point directly connected to the chip.

But WTF? I don’t see any problems here! Am I really screwed out of a Square button? :crybaby:

I have the EXACT same problem with my RB button on the 360 SE stick. Some short in the main PCB of the SE stick that causes the RB button to be detected as being constantly held in.

I isolated the problem to the main PCB (as you have), but I couldn’t get past there. For the time being, I just rewired the buttons such that the LB wires go to the RB button. Then I changed the button settings in the game. But its still very, VERY annoying. If you ever figure out a solution to this problem, PLEASE let me know.

So far, I haven’t found a solution around it other than replacing the PCB. I’ve found that changing the button layout in game works fine for SF4, but is a total pain in the ass to change in SF2HDR. The held button affects gameplay and temporarily requires another controller to change the layout in HDR. So other than changing the PCB, I don’t know what I can do.

connect the two so that it is no longer normally open on the alternate side

then see if anything happens if you short the original side

if you havn’t noticed but all the other button points, the traces lead to a diode or something. so maybe that has something to do with it.

unfortunatly i dont thinnk sanwa or seimitsu sell buttons with an NO prong.

These PCBs are known to be flimsy and random. My FS3 would randomly press up.

The same thing happened to my cheap Hori EX2. I think the PCB touched the bottom metal panel and shorted out the PCB.

Unfortunately, this is where my electronics knowledge ends and I will start sounding like a complete noob.

Which two are you referring to connect? What do you exactly mean by alternate side and original side?

I’m not sure what the purpose of a diode is in a circuit… I only have a rough idea of what one looks like. I just assumed that there’s only one connection for the Square button on one of the legs on the PCB chip. Is there something about the PCB that I don’t understand?