Strange problem with ChimpSMD+360PCB

i don’t post here since 2011 :frowning:

i’m having a real strange problem with this setup…

It’s a chinese 360PCB common ground, that causes ChimpSMD to disconnect (windows throws that message) when Start or Home button is pressed… also i’m using the ChimpSMD hex inverter for the triggers…

Any tips? i tried using Diodes but no luck :frowning: the disconnection still happens… should i try not to use the hex inverter?


Finally i decided to Use a 4066N to connect the start and home wires to the 360PCB ONLY when the green led outputs high (xbox360mode)… Everything is working now… but the autodetection still doesn’t work… Any tips?

pics of your writing please

I don´t have pics, cause i gave back the stick… but the stick was only working in 360 with the forced mode… not the autodetection :frowning: