Strange question

this is, by far, the most useless thing on the planet

when you do an ex tackle, you can combo a tyrant slaughter on a STANDING q after it.

but you cant do an LP

at all.

yet, frame data says tyrant slaughter starts up SLOWER than standing LP.

they are both links. the tyrant slaughter is like a just frame link.

whats the frame advantage after ex tackle anyway :confused:

the only thing i could see this not working for is that they didnt want to give urien a LP MP EX Tackle loop or something

edit: apparently i typed faster not slower…

Yeah, that is strange. I recently encountered the same problem when studying the Urien-Alex matchup. Alex can punish a blocked lk tackle with a reversal EX slash elbow, but he cannot punish with a reversal EX flash chop, even though they have the exact same startup.

Tyrant is definitely faster than a jab. Urien’s jab is 4 frames, the tyrant data is missing but I would estimate it at 2. As for Alex, my guess is that it’s a range issue. First hit of EX flash whiffs, causing it to continue to the 2nd hit which ends up being too late.

no way tyrant starts up in 2, it has to be at least, 3, otherwise it would punish things shippu cant, and at 4 it would be the same speed as a jab. maybe it is equal in pushing as shippu shrug :confused:

I don’t know which frame data you are checking, but THIS page, which is very reliable and fare more consistent with actual gameplay results than most of western-translated frame data, lists sLP as 4 frame startup and Tyrant Slaughter as 1 frame startup.
And it can make sense that it’s faster than Shippu. Being faster doesn’t necessarily mean that it can punish more stuff - whereas shippu covers a lot of range on it’s first hitting frame, Tyrant has to travel so as gameplay effectiveness, Tyrant hits faster than shippu only at very close ranges, from afar the reverse is true.
Also, more proof is that Tyrant can link after a standing hit EX tackle… which is +2
and Ken can’t link shit at +2
(btw shippu is 2 frames of startup, not 3. it has 2 frame sof startup and hits on the 3rd frame, that’s how you read the chart)

yeah the frame data i had said sa1 had 7 frames of startup

kinda weird but thanks

Maybe the active hitbox may be bigger/longer?