Strange sympton on my JLF stick

recently i have been noticing something on my JLF stick on the HRAP3. whenever i push the joystick in some direction, it will meet the gate, however if i push it a little harder, it will move a little bit more (about 1mm). does anyone know if this is normal? i don’t remember it doing this when i first got the stick. anyone know hwo to fix it?

make sure the restrictor is pushed all the way locked into the base. Also, on a few of my sanwa restrictors, I’ve noticed the two plastic pieces that hold the gate (the square or octogon peice) tend to break, which may be causing your problem.

It’s probably normal. It’s probably just the shaft sliding up a little bit. Try pulling straight up on the balltop to see what I mean.

If it’s definitely something other than the shaft sliding up a little, you might have something else wrong (see above). It shouldn’t be extreme or making any big clicking noises or anything like that.

i just opened up my stick. the restrictor plate is clipped on fine and nothing seems to be broken :frowning: