Strange thing - Geif vs Sagat


So, this maybe known but just in case. I’ll list off all varibles jus’ to be through:

2: Remix mode
3: 1p Sagat (Start button color)
4: 2p Geif CPU (via random select X)
5: Boxer’s stage
6: PS3

I was practicing basic combos with Sagat. Working on crossup with MK. With Sagat, pressed as close to Geif as possible, on the left and Geif on the right I jump over and hit MK and it hits Geif in the back right above his elbow. The hit animation displays to the right slightly above the elbow height and a quarter of a character length outside of Geif’s sprite. Now, repeating this from the other side yields no hit.

Maybe s’common knowledge but is it a property of Sagat’s hitbox or Geif’s Left turned hitbox?


Showing hitboxes during training and the hit occurs outside of the hitbox.


wtffff I’ll try this out in a bit