Strange thing

This is the first time that I ever see this in 3rd strike I don’t know is it a glitch or It only happens when someone tries a kara throw and the other anticipate it like what happened in this video


At the begginning of the match how did ken ma escaped TM throw? and sorry if this has been discussed before and I hope that the KSK Ranbat videos are ok to post -__-"

He didn’t “escape”. The damn thing whiffed completely.

Ken Ma just barely missed the lethal part of the throw and dashed up at the very beginning of TM’s recovery. Pretty snazzy looking.

KSK ranbats are cool (check out the video thread, you’ll see.). It’s the SBO4 footage you need to watch out for. And by that I mean don’t post it.

Yeah ur right he didn’t escape

and I’ll check the video thread

Thankx ^___^