Strange Things That Stayed in Your Memory

my first grade teacher told me to “always treat someone elses belongings better than you treat your own”.

never forget this, and i still live by it.

i dont know why that stuck so well, but it always has.

i guess its something that makes sense.

That’s not strange at all, that’s just common sense. Ive got a whole bunch of these.

I had a really bad dream as a kid and the Creature from the Black Lagoon was at the end of it. The last couple “frames” of the memory are burned into my mind forever. Its kind of funny now and I didnt develop a complex or anything but it really fucked me up as a youngin. Then again, when my dreams are bad, they’re really bad and they stick with me, I never forget them. There was another one (which wasn’t all that bad but I’ll write about it anyway) that was just a couple months ago where Hugo Chavez came to my house with a bunch of thugs and said that I had to kill my dad or my credit would be fucked forever, and gave me this shotgun concealed in a car key remote (weird as fuck and impossible but yeah, that’s my dreams), and I immediately pressed the button when he placed it in my hand and it blew his face off in slow-mo with insane detail. Pretty graphic and I dont know how I cook shit like that up but it sticks with me, and this hasnt even scratched the surface of my dreams.

One thing that happened a long time ago was when I went to a Mariners game with my dad at Safeco Field, and we went to the bathroom and this guy was having a BAD day in one of the stalls. Pretty much every PG-13 fart/shit joke and MGS Johnny Sasaki sighting wrapped into one horrid experience for this dude. It was hilarious and completely unexpected, I’ll never forget it.

I once had a dream when I was like 2 years old where an Abobo from Double Dragon broke through the wall of my house. That thought has stayed with me my whole life!

Wish people followed that shit in real life. You let them borrow something, they let somebody ELSE borrow it as if it was theirs to give. You let them use your laptop, they touch the screen and leave fingerprints on it. They use your controllers while eating greasy food. People really have forgotten this rule.

When I was like 2 or some shit, my dad shaved his mustache and beard off, and for a few YEARS I truly thought my real dad had died and been replaced in one day. I never discussed it with my parents for awhile either, so they just thought I was mad at my dad

:rofl: that’s probably the best nightmare iv ever heard, does the abobo theme music play when he bursts in?


SOVIET: wow thats really cool, I love things like that

hahaha that’s pretty funny.

lol thread winner imo.

are you traumitized for life? lol


dont get along with my dad at all though, to this day :frowning:

maybe if he grew a mustache?

mouse_ccv is a fucked up kid.

Now that I see this thread, I can’t remember shit.

maybe it’s his evil twin brother :devil: or maybe your real dad was the evil twin brother :rofl: