Strange Third Strike problem with control lockup

For some reason, after playing for a few matches, my character’s controls will lock up, and do whatever it was that I had been pressing at that moment. For instance, if I am walking forward and then this lockup occurs, my character will keep walking forward for a few seconds…and refuses to respond to anything.

Anyone else have this problem? It even occurs when I play the game offline, so it’s not a kaillera-only thing. And, it only happens with third strike (didn’t try any other CPS3 game).

Yea I’ve seen it before. I just restart the damn thing over. No solution.

yea i noticed shit like this…
Ill press Hk it will do it ill go to press hp and it will do HK :!:#!@# SDF:1

Edit: I also noticed that the new U3 Ds’s more

Like i cant even get into game with U3 but U2 works perfectly exept the ovious shit

Something like this happens to me, too.
When I was playing online, my character started HP once I started holding back.
My buttons were set up right and everything though.

When my opponent was waiting for me to try to fix this, he started walking foward for no reason…(according to him)

he lied to you lol jking

Well this is called ghosting…but this is different from my problem, since here my character is stuck in whatever state he was in right before the lockup, and refuses to respond to any input.