Strangeness with Industrias Lorenzo buttons. Buttons that lack iL branding?


I’ve bought iL parts from two popular arcade parts stores (about 10 from one place and 10 from the other), and exactly one button from each store has lacked iL branding on the microswitch retainer. By branding, I am referring to the iL molded into the buttons, as seen here:

where it says “iL” on the shorter prong on the bottom of the pushbutton.

Now, there are physical and mechanical differences between the buttons that have the branding and buttons that don’t. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions here. Can anyone with insight on iL parts explain to me what’s going on?


IL makes parts for other companies as well. At one time all Happs parts were re-branded IL parts, then Happ broke their relationship with IL and move production to China.
It could just be IL has more than one mold working the assembly line molding smoke buttons. One mold lacking the IL logo, this isn’t really a problem.
On some molds adding or removing logos, or adding a time/date stamp is quite easy.

If the button feels and performs the same I would not think anything of it.


They don’t perform the same, though. Like I said, there are physical and mechanical differences.


Okay, I just checked, and the button spring on one of them is a completely different color. The plastic is also cheaper, and has a lot more friction to it when the button is being pressed. I’m thoroughly convinced this is not an iL button.