Strange's character specific safe block strings



Hey guys, has anyone taken the time to compile which block strings he needs to use against the different characters to make him safe? Or would people like to begin to make this compilation?


We should work on it, there’s a lot I’m not sure about and a few things I can contribute. There’s a lot to look up (Mystic Sword L on every character standing and crouching and jumping…) but it’d be really useful in the end.

@VASaga any thoughts?


I have all the blockstrings Strange should be doing vs every character.
Just haven’t shared my notes because it’d probably be better if I just make a youtube guide but it would also do more harm to Strange than good if people fighting Strange know what to look for. lol

There are also alot of things people would miss out on understanding if I just post a wall of blockstrings.


Do you know when the guide would be released.


I only have 3 character match ups recorded so far, not even edited.
its gonna be 50+ parts long. My ETA is when its done lol
Ima go all out


how goes the video now @VASaga