Stratagies against constant Cross-ups?



As I play balrog, is there a easy way of punishing cross-up happy players…I know theres way around to avoiding it, but is there a straight up definitive counter??

Im a more defensive/Mix up of high-low mind games, but I tend to find it annoying trying to punish them, instead of avoiding it…I like getting in free shots then have a better position


jump back fierce.

or dash straights right after the crossup which catches them in the air.

im learning to do an a dash ultra that can reverse the direction on a cross up attempt. i think it works


will jump back fierce work if the crossup lands as you get up? if it doesn’t, would it just be best to use an escape maneuver/block?


I find these options are best when dealing with cross-ups:

  1. Reversal HP Headbutt
  2. Dash out
  3. Block
  4. s.MP
  5. c.HP
  6. jb.HP

As you can probably tell from the list, Balrog doesn’t really have very many good options.

Reversal HP Headbutt won’t connect (except for the odd ambiguous crossup), but it’ll give you a good amount of distance away from your opponent and get some breathing space. Invincibility frames will also help your escape.

Dashing out and blocking are no brainers. Just be careful you don’t get caught out with ambiguous cross-ups.

s.MP and c.HP are good anti-air options without charge. In terms of cross-up situations however they are quite lacking. Only attempt these if the cross-up attempt is coming late.

On wake-up, jb.HP is probably the worst option you have. They have to be really late in their cross-up attempt for this to work.

Dash Ultra during a cross-up is not going to work, you’ll lose the charge. You can just Ultra but you’ll whiff for years. Best case scenario, if you somehow do keep your charge on crossup, and Dash Ultra in the right direction, your opponent is not going to be airborne and be ready to block.


What I do is I will block the first hit (jump MK) then right away I hit crouch LP like mad to push him to a distance not to do another cross. Works very well for me.


I usually block, but once in a while, I’ll reversal EX headbutt to get the hell out or focus-dash out, since there are no airborne armor breakers.


I don’t play Rog, but I know that whenever I try to cross him up as Abel, he just headbutts to create some space and then I lose my precious spacing.


akuma has one… but he won’t be using it as a crossup

Anyway, I just use ex dash or headbutt to escape to the other side.


well if they are crossup happy two things must be going on.

  1. you’re falling down a lot from hits taken and they are able to cross you on wake up
  2. aren’t zoning the opponent well enough and you can’t use your AA against crossups.

i think saying TAP is a simple answer to avoid the crossup as it happens, but sometimes the real answer lies in your play before you got crossed up and that to me is more important then a crossup escape.


right, but what Im asking here is to punish, I have no problems getting out of the “hot-zone” but what I want to is score a hit here…and not “esecaping the cross-up”

thanks for the input so far, imma be testing sum stuffz




fox is on fire


TAP doesnt seem to work for me. im usually get crossed up right on wakeup so if i try to do anything other than block i usually get hit.


original poster really needs to describe the situations that you are being crossed up in.

as for people posting responses please remember too:

the solutions are different in each case!!!

  1. after a knockdown??? ie are you getting sweep’d or thrown alot?
  2. after you block a chain? ie your rog is in a defensive crouch position
  3. as part of general footsies?? ie your rog is at a neutral, standing state and through bad zoning, you are getting jumped in on



any strats yet for avoiding crossup right on wake up besides blocking? i cant seem to block correctly on wake up crossup


Jay has a pretty good section on how to avoid cross-ups on wakeup.


How do you deal with getting crossed up?

I would consider myself a defensive Rog, and this becomes apparent to my opponent early on in the match. So they begin to cross me up over and over and over, and i can’t find an answer to it.

So what are my options as Rog to either get out or punish someone crossing me up all the time?


Theres help all over the strategy threads and whatnot, but this is something I am having HUGE problems with so i’ll see if helping you doesn’t help me. I used to play Akuma and all I would have to do is teleport. I miss those days :frowning:

Rog’s options to a crossup that I KNOW OF are

TAP on wakeup (actually need to use this much more in my game besides just for fireballs)
Headbutt on wakeup (a late one might hit them, and early one will get you the fuck out, use HP)
lp. Headbutt as a general anti air.
Jump back fierce punch
S.MP (both of the above need to be timed pretty early but not too early… depends on the range)
Also, FA backdash works on non shotos. I tried it on a ryu and got shoryukened after the dash. Im sure he coulda tatsued as well.

I feel your pain, I can outplay a Honda or a Gief for the whole match, and get knocked down once and lose 50% due to wakeup shit…

If they are constantly changing sides and you are worried about whether you will have charge or not just TAP

Also keep them out of the air using EX dash punch. It will absorb whatever they try and do and then poop on them

remember this post and you should be fine


^^Above post is all you need


Hey, I played you a couple times on xbox today. I was crossing up with Honda. xD

I usually just try to headbutt out of crossups. I’ve been meaning to try the FA back dash though.