Strategies Against Trap Teams

I’m comfortable with playing any team, though I would like to play MSP more and less of Mag/IM/Psy. Anyway, for the past six years, trap teams for me are the really annoying ones. This is probably because I don’t really use the point characters that are essential to their teams.

Blackheart trap teams are the biggest problem for me, usually with Dr. Doom or CapCom. There is very little room for me to get in with the clusterfuck of demons while I’m constantly in block stun by their assist. This probably has to do with my inability to deal with Dr. Doom’s AAA. If I hit Dr. Doom; I still get pelted by rocks. If my assist hits him, then those rocks are still coming at me anyway. I think BH’s infinite has to do with sj. rh demons and some air dashing, so if I mash out of this, would I just end up helping him reset his infinite and eating more demons anyway? CapCom is also…complete vertical coverage, and I’ve always hated going against CapCom’s AAA on any team.

Spiral teams… While I actually never get stuck in Spiral’s knife trap on the ground, I’m usually getting pinned down because of those rings of knives that slowly cover the whole screen. After this, she’ll just teleport, super jump, or whatever and summon more knives. In the past, if I ever managed to get her into block stun with a projectile assist, Sentinel’s drones would still make their way over to me. I can air dash over these, but it seems like I have very limited time to establish an angle of attack before I eat an AAA.

Clockw0rk and variations aren’t as bad for me. I guess I just have to gtfo of there if Strider has Ouroboros. What gets me is again, trading hits with that Dr. Doom AAA.

So it seems like specifically my biggest weakness is Dr. Doom’s AAA. Is there a way to actually nail him without trading hits with those darn rocks? Using a projectile assist seems to take away from my vertical control (those rocks come anyway).

As you probably already guessed, I prefer to rushdown. I’ve had much more success using Sentinel zoning teams such as Santhrax, but I wouldn’t mind also further developing my strategy with those teams too.

If you hit Doom on the head right when he comes out he gets hit, doesn’t summon rocks, and runs away.

Doesn’t sound like you have a problem escaping traps, it’s just getting in to do the damage…

Well you can try to catch up to spiral as she’s doing the ring of knives and hit her out of it cuz she pauses for a long time before and during that move. But if you’re too far away…expect the teleport and hit her with AA assist or anything.

Blackheart/AA…well assuming you’re Mags, sometimes i try to block everything then dash between demons-sweep the assist, sj. cancel and catch up to blackheart.

Dunno what to tell ya - Just gotta be patient and look for the openings to damage the assist/kill the point character/snap the point out.

vs doom, you tag him in the head @ any time. There are no rocks above dooms head and you can actually stuff him fairly easy with a bit of practice but there is some danger in this.

Lets say I got strider\doom and I call doom as you’re falling down from a SJ. You notice it and try to stuff doom with a j.rh from magneto. Strider’s c.fp actually covers dooms head angle and if you swing on doom, you’ll get launched easy. Strider has one of the best launchers in the game in terms of priority. If he gets a good angle and its properly timed, you shouldn’t really swing on him right there normal for normal.

I think the biggest tool against trap teams is NOT giving them the momentum.

IMO, strider\doom has the best trap and damage potential per trap while team duc is the better trap team because of the team chemistry.

edit: dash in, call invincible helper, and do a mixup.

Thanks, but is there anything specfic that I need to know when using Sentinel? I usually try to make my way in, use AAA to interupt their momentum and apply pressure. I’m only hoping that I’m not leaving something out in my game.

Now I need to find somebody who uses these trap teams. I rarely ever run into these teams, but if I run into a good trap player, then my outcome becomes very bleak. I guess it’s my inexperience with them. Anybody willing to help me out? :smiley:

Since Spiral / Cable / Sent has been my main team for years, I’ll tell you what tends to get me… DHC to storm when I am doing things.

If you have Storm second and some type of AAA that can eat a few knives for you here and there, Sprial is often not safe to teleport or call knives.

If you are playing Magneto first you can run foward and launch their assits and do a kick super instead of super jumping, and their assist will land on the super and take a ton of damage, with the possibility of a relaunch if Sprial does nothing. If she does teleport, DHC to storm.

Also not sure if this works, but maybe hyper-grav will go through circle knives…not sure off the top of my head.

Blackheart is pretty easy to get by if you practice your wave dashing and mix it up when he eventually lands from whatever jump move he is doing. Quick magneto super into DHC hailstorm works here too, when he tries to use his special into HOD.

Whoever you are fighting, you need to be patient and either ROM your way to victory or snap in their AAA.

I use Blackheart quite a bit. The only way you’ll get hit by his infinite is if you get hit by his roundhouse kick demons while you are already in the air. When you get his by his demons while you’re jumping, you just start bouncing for some reason and can’t mash out of it, which is why he’s able to continue barfing demons. So whenever you try to jump at Blackheart, you should be prepared to block. Even so, I honestly don’t think his infinite is all that great unless you’re already close to death. It doesn’t do as much damage as most infinites and I think it builds up the victim’s super meter pretty quickly. (If you get hit by his roundhouse demons while you’re already on the ground, you can mash out.)

It might be safer to try to approach on the ground. Use your Psylocke assist to trade with the Doom assist if you need a shield or something so you can move. If you’re using Iron Man, try superjumping and throwing Smart Bombs to prevent him from getting above you. (Make sure you don’t get predictable with this so you don’t get hit by an Inferno.)

I think against Blackheart, you just need patience. His demons won’t chip you so his traps aren’t as powerful as Spiral/Sent or Strider/Doom. I’m only an average player and I recognize that sometimes I only win because the other player got impatient and tried something dangerous.

Also, if you play patient, you might be able to catch Blackheart off guard with a DHC to Storm’s Hail Storm, like what Jinmaster said. Unless you’re playing an expert player, I’d probably say a lot of Blackhearts will probably be lulled into a pattern. You might be able to predict when Blackheart will superjump and roundhouse xx air dash roundhouse. Sometimes players will get into a lazy rhythm, especially if they are looking to land his infinite. I know I do that sometimes.

Would it be better to approach from the ground as Sentinel and then get into the air, or gamble and try to establish air dominance even from across the screen?

as Sent Vs- Blackheart - If you have commando assist, I’d go from the ground and use commando to keep blackheart thinking twice about demons in the sky. If you don’t have commando…you could try the sky approach, fly high and over cuz blackheart can’t jump/attack that high. If you are full screen on ground, you could try to keep them grounded with mouth laser xx fly, unfly.