Strategies against Yun



I’m playing against a very decent Yun player and having serious trouble. I know that pretty much everyone does…but what are some good tactics to handle things. I read in someones Ken blog that you should be aggressive and take good chances cause when Yun has no bar he does crappy damage. <— This is SO false…something like cr. MK, st. SP ~ frb. punch move (sorry…i dont know the namez) take of a shit load of damage. And he has other options as well.

I understand that you have to chase him down like crazy when he has no bar, but Yun is so dominant in the air (dive kick) and running around, pressuring you. Even without Super he is still “super” WTF? I find him SO imba…lol…but there is no point in complaining…so any tips guys?


You have to get in his face and apply pressure, but you can never leave yourself vulnerable. This means, you have to walk towards Yun. You can’t dash, you can’t jump-in, there is a chance he’ll score a knockdown here, and that is the last thing you want. Once you’re in, pressure is applied through mixing up and throws. You can hurt Yun a lot more than he can hurt you without meter. Make it your goal to get him cornered, and keep him there. When he see he is getting cornered all he can do is jump to escape. If he jumps, you jump. j.RH, and EX hurricane kick work very well here.

Don’t be intimidated by his dive kicks. You can block it, parry it, fierce DP it, j. RH it, don’t miss the chance to punish every time he does this, and he’ll start mixing it up with whiffed/sj’d dive kicks. Never miss the chance to punish these either, and he’ll start second-guessing himself.

If you are having a difficult time dealing with his meter-less pressure, you need to work on your defensive game. Just realize, for this fight when he is without meter, he should always be the one under pressure.

These are the very basics I learned from (possibly) the same blogyou said you were reading. I recommend you read the entire thing, because once you have this(the easier) part of the fight down, conquering the Genei Jin is a skill every Ken needs.


Sounds like good info…gotta work against those dive kicks. Thing is when I start parrying them consistently…he does exactly what you mentioned “whiffed/sj’d dive kicks”…and I just loose it there (hard to see it). Plus I think you have to pay attention where the dive kick hits you while you are blocking. If it’s below Ken’s mid-section, Yun gets crazy pluses and freezes Ken, if it’s above Ken’s mid-section it seems that Ken has a bit of the upper hand…is this true, or just my imagination (-_- ;?


Yun vs Ken is 50/50 and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with it unless your opponant is actually better than you. I’m not a fan of that blog post of Ken vs Yun because it seems to support that Ken should take major risks against Yun when
he doesn’t have bar. There is simply no need to do this, Kens offensive rushdown is SOOOOOOOOOOOO safe that you should never need to do anyhting risky to pressure and kill a Yun without meter. The post seemed to justify risk taking due to the fact that a meterless Yun has a very limited damage potential, while this is true, this by no means indicates that Yun does not gain a HUGE advantage when he scores a knockdown regrdless of how little damage it does, this is simply beacause of how much meter Yuns combos build. Have you seen how much meter Yuns target combo to dragon kicks build? It true its only like 15% or less damage but I garuntee Yun will activate withing 5 seconds of landing that combo unless you manage to knock him down. Basically my point is you need to rush him down and CORNER him spacifically and make sure you BLOCK Gene-jin intelligently. If you know what your doing Yun should only be able to command grab you when he activates.

So some tools to use against Yun when he is trying to build meter:

If he starts running to the corner to charge bar, FOLLOW HIM, Yun’s chances of winning the round will greatly decrease if Ken can corner him, because his ONLY true wakeup is ex dragon kicks which isn’t that bad to be hit with becuase he waists meter.

If Yun sees you trying to box him in he will eventually jump to dive kick at you or try to get behind you. Only stupid Yuns will try to fight a Ken that knows the matchup without meter so just pressure him by moving closer and he will be forced to fight out of a corner or jump. It is important to stay just within Kens sweep range against Yun at all times because you are out of range for his pokes and you can sweep him if he wiffs anything, and this prevents him from wiffing low strongs to charge meter. The most important part about keeping that distance is that you can punish all divekicks on reaction. It requires some training in practice mode but you should be able to fierce SRK roundhouse and forward dive kicks on reaction and you can walkup standing strong super or jab/ex SRK (because they are faster than fierce or strong SRK) against short dive kicks that will wiff.

One other note is that you must learn to red parry Yuns target combo because good Yuns will abuse its ability to beat out certain moves with its speed and use it a lot, however expert Yuns will never finsih the target combo becuase they can confirm off the first 2 hits, and they expect expert Kens to red parry the strong.

Once Yun is trained not to jump it is only a matter of time untill you have him cornered by knockdown. If Yun is cornered and waking up try to stay just outside throw range. Yuns best wakeup option outside of ex dragon kicks is low short dash punch which isn’t safe. On his wakeup option select downparry for the low short and walkup throw if nothing happens. Most Yuns are suseptable to multiple throw mindgames in the corner and they are usually very hesistant to do wakeup moves because meaty low shorts stuff ex dragon kicks and low short dash punch. The reason you should stay out of throw range is that if Yun trys to wakeup throw while you option select down parry it will wiff meaning you can low forward SRK~karaSRK on reaction. If you watch Deshiken play Yuns he will corner them in this method and throw with these mindgames 4, 5, maybe even 6 times in a row. If you can convince Yun you won’t throw again he is screwed.

To throw an opponant multiple times they need to be aware that the smart thing to do is mix up so you should get 2 in your face throws for free, they will see the first throw, then assume the followup will be some kind of confirmable chain combo. For the third throw just wiff a low short or jab or walk back, duck, walk up throw, or a tick throw, this is the hardest to get on an expirianced player because they may be aware of these setups so you may skip to just standing there doing nothing to confuse them. You may get a 4th throw at this point just by standing still on there wakeup. That kind of confidance instill A LOT of fear in Yuns in that situation. Now depending on the skill of your opponant you may get a fifth throw just based on the fact that they really don’t think you would be careless enough or have the audacity to throw again. Now this is all simple mindgames and if you have done this in the previous round, replace any throw attempt with a target combo and they may be hit.

Multiple throws in the corner work well against Yun because you abuse his lack of wakeup options and his reluctance to burn meter on ex dragon kicks. Don’t be afraid to release a bit of pressure though. Often if you make it look like Yun has an out with a gap in your pressuring he will try to jump out at the first chance he gets, if you are looking for this you can anti air him on his way up which is extremely difficult to parry even for very advanced players.

Even if Yun manages to fight his way out a bit you only need to make sure he doesn’t get behind you, simply use the spacing techniques against him and he shouldn’t be able to go anywhere.

Yun takes a lot of damage so you can kill him quickly in the corner which is ideal, because he is unable to build meter there outside of quickrolls and he cannot activate safely.

If Yun does activate please BLOCK, if he is inexpierianced he may use hop kicks while your in crouch block which you can train yourself in a half hour to SRK on reaction in training mode. Beginner and intermediate Yuns might also use shoulder combos to lauch you, such as standing fierce cancelled into shoulder, or low forward canceled into shoulder. You can again train yourself to red parry the shoulder on reaction to the block of stand fierce or low forward, which is very useful because it means Yun doesn’t have a long range launch outside of forward fierce which will not combo mid screen. Plus you can punish with stand fierce strong SRK shippu which does huge damage to Yun.

Basically advanced Yuns will only tick from close range with jabs and shorts and then command grab and also try to confirm into launch after the ticks in aticipation of your counter to the throw. Simply block and get grabbed is the best option, I know it sucks but there’s nothing else that works consistantly outside of very hard reversal jab SRKs on reaction to ticks (I’ve seen Mymoza do this but im still not sure how safe it is). Yun won’t get a whole lot of damage or meter from the grab so he will have to retreat to build meter so you can chase him into a corner that way. One other thing Yuns may try is to jump into air chain then command grab or low short palm launch. Most Yuns expect people to try to parry the air chain which is what they want cause they will change the timing or they will empty jump low short plam or command throw. When your blocking Gene-jin ticks and looking for overheads/possilbe ticks throws, also look for jumps. If he jumps immediatley SRK him as Gene-jin will not beat the SRK in the air, if you think he may jump parry you can dash under him and attack or super-jump back to try to bait a fierce dash punch on reaction to your jump which you can parry and punish.

Morral of the story is, practice practice practice the ways in which you punish Yun, just like you learn to sweep/low forward super Chun’s wiffed pokes on reaction, you need to learn to counter Yuns divekicks and treat them as pokes in the same manor, remember this works well with Ken because of how good his SRK is.

If your a beginner or intermediate Ken don’t be intimidated by the red parries or other things posted here if you can’t do them right away because they are techniques that I stole from Deshiken’s videos which means they are tecniques for extremely advanced Ken players that work on extremely advanced Yun players, and you shouldn’t need them to beat a beginner or intermediate Yun player. Simply learn the basics such as spacing and throw games and wiff punishing and add the advanced exicution and reaction techniques as you progress to face better and better Yun players.

Again don’t get discouraged, Yun does not have an advantage over Ken, the only matchup out of Kens favour is Chun and even that is just 6/4. Yun is only higher in the tier listing because he rapes low tier characters a little better than Ken rapes them, so never be afraid of Yun just treat him with the same level of threat as another Ken.


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