Strategies for Charging Liberation Assist?

I’m attempting to main an interchangeable team of Dante-Jam Session/Dormammu-Liberation/Magneto-Disrupter, Dante-Jam Session/Dormammu-Dark Hole/Magneto-Disrupter, and Magneto-Disrupter/Dormammu-Liberation/Dante-Jam Session. The idea is that I can modify the team based on matchups. Anyways, I really like the Liberation assist and want to try and utilize it to it’s fullest potential. I’m having a bit of a hard time coming up with methods to charge Dormammu’s Liberation assist, though.

So far, I’ve managed to find a useful method with Dante, which involves using Crystal in a combo. So I usually end my Dante bnb combo with a Hammer which leaves me with my back to the wall, often near a corner due to the nature of Dante’s combos, with my opponent in a hard knockdown. My bnb to this point builds over a meter, which allows me to do a Million Carats->Devil Trigger-> DHC into Stalking flare. I haven’t tested it with many characters, but with the ones I have (Magneto, Wesker, Wolverine), this gradually pushes them across the screen. They end up air recovering at the top corner of the screen opposite you. This allows you to fully charge a level 3 spell and safely do 1 raw tag. I desperately tried to make it safe for two raw tags (for team ordering purposes), but it’s not quite safe to do so. This is very useful, but the problem is I have to combo into it. I have other similar methods involving Devil Trigger->Stalking Flare, but they all require me to combo into them.

Same thing with Magneto, only worse. The only guaranteed way I know to charge 2 or 3 levels is using the combo ender in the corner sj. h->m disrupter->tempest hyper-> DHC into stalking flare.

Maybe this concept isn’t even possible, but is there some way to safely get Dormammu out to charge spells without already having your opponent in a combo,using meter,or using x-factor? Is there any way to somehow use special moves alone or some other setup to safely be able to get Dorm out, charge even once, and safely raw tag? It might be that the only way to do it is to just get Dormammu in safely, play with him a bit while naturally charging spells, and then raw tagging or TACing. I guess this works, but I’m trying to think of guaranteed methods with Dante or Magneto on point.

Now that I’m thinking about it, this may be a better post for the Dante or Magneto forums, but I figure I’ll ask here first. Any input is appreciated, hope I was clear enough.