Strategies for Countering Sentinel/Doom?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to whine about the Sentinel being overpowered. I’m here to ask for advice to improve my game. I started playing a while ago and have spent a good deal of time in training mode, and in particular I’ve taken to the Hulk, and been quite successful in using him, racking up a 75% win rate over about 200 matches and climbing a few of the ranks. And yet I can’t help but noticing that many of the matches that I lose being the result of the same thing: Sentinel with Doom assisting with hidden missiles. If it’s just the Sentinel, I’ll generally just do a high jump to get in close, but with Hidden Missiles, that doesn’t seem to be a terribly effective option. I just can’t figure out how to get the Hulk in there to do any damage without taking a massive amount of punishment from the spam (even the chip will take out a couple of characters in no time at all), and when I do get in there if the player actually knows how to do anything other than spam the Sentinel can still hold his own fairly well.

I don’t want to keep racking up losses every time I come up against this. I use Hulk as my point, but currently the rest of my team is pretty variable as I figure out what other characters fit my style while simultaneously providing appropriate synergy with my lead. So feel free to suggest different combinations :slight_smile:

So I ask the community: What can I do to counter the big purple robot with hidden missiles covering the sky? (Preferably methods other than mirroring the strategy, please)

Or, perhaps more generally, what are good ways for the Hulk to deal with the nastier zoning foes?

You could try experimenting with a character with a quick beam assist to counter hidden missles. It may work if you are fast enough. Then it is just a matter of superjumping like you were doing.

Dunno, that seems like a good way to get the assist shot with an X-Factored hyper sentinel force.

:h: Gamma wave Doom when he comes in?

I haven’t played this matchup with Hulk yet, but I can definitely see how it would be a problem. Personally I would probably keep Hulk out when Sent is on point in that situation.

Most of the time when I encounter zoning and none of my Wave+Assist projetile wars are working I switch to Wesker with his teleport.
Another thing you can try, if you figure out his pattern go for a gamma crush from full screen. Most Sentinel attacks take some time to recover, and if you manage to catch Doom aswell that should be a win :wink:
QCF+A1 or A2 to kick him out may work to.
Or wave dash slowly in, cover your approach with assist. Maybe that works.

Hulk should not be your point guy. Let’s put it this way: Hulk was my point guy until I pressed start against Sent w/a good assist. It’s not worth dying over and like mentioned before, if you insist on running Hulk point, get a good beam (Magneto/IM/Doom all good choices)

Like Nori said, you’re pretty much screwed. You just have to get in somehow but it’s near impossible against Sent plus hidden missiles. I’ve played this matchup a few times and you just get zoned to shit without solid assists.

Godless what other characters do you have on your team? As others have mentioned, it maybe better to have one of them start the match. HOWEVER, something I’ve been meaning to test is how much damage Hulk can get on an assist when he does Gamma Tsunami, XFC, Gamma Tsunami. Will it be enough damage to kill the assist from max range? Yea burning you XFC is a huge cost, but you just ended up killing an integral part of the team.

If you have a partner with a beam super or something else full screen then you can just Gamma Tsunami->DHC instead. It may not outright kill Doom, but the Sent player will stop calling him if he’s smart. If he doesn’t stop calling him, then hopefully a few full screen Gamma Waves will finish him off.

Any time you call an assist you take that risk. Don’t be predictable. In the end there is not much you can do against this team.

The problem is that Gamma Crush is kinda slow and gets punished easily.

Hulk doesn’t do a lot of damage (full screen) with GT, XFC, GT. And to the 2nd question, normally it wouldn’t kill them. I’ve done this a few times, disappointed in the damage.


Dealing with Sent, and Having a Hulk out, a beam assist is Clutch. Gamma Wave him, as SOON as you see/here the assist, right when your gamma wave is done, Beam him for protection. At this point you can get in without worry about an assist.

Gamma Wave is your friend, it absorbs alot of stuff TOO.

I’m sure as the metagame progresses we’ll figure out ways to get in. At the same time Sentinel players will figure out better ways to wall us lol

Sup dino? What team you using in this game? I’m using arthur and hulk so far, can’t find a 3rd char I love:(

Taskmaster synergies perfectly with hulk, you can DHC legion arrow from gamma quake and tsunami (rising the enemy up for a third hyper) and the horizontal arrows are almost like beams and beat any other kind of proyectile, gamma wave plus arrows beats a lot of proyectiles.

You can also DHC Gamma Crush into the vertical Legion Arrow. It works better than you’d expect, and you can indeed wait until the meteor explodes to call Tasky in.

Anyways, as I’ve been racking up more matches, I’ve been finding more and more ways to make the Sentinel not like Hulk angry.

When Sent comes in, you just have to start your keepaway first and keep doing gamma waves (if he goes first, well, it’s still a lot more difficult) with whatever assist. Sent won’t be able to call out the Doom Rocks and will have to fly in to get at you (and on the way down has to deal with an armored standing heavy or something), or use a hyper. If he uses his Hyper Sentinel Force, you can immediately use Gamma Crush to avoid any damage (chip or otherwise) and hurt the Sentinel. Note that he can still block the gamma crush and retaliate if he XFCs out of the Hyper Sentinel Force.

Actually, as I’m getting higher up the ranks, I’m finding it a lot harder to deal with Dormammu than Sentinel…

Spencer/Hulk have godlike DHC possibilities, You could try Spencer Bionic Arm when you see Doom coming in, Use Bionic Arm hit both and then DHC into Meteor Smash