Strategies for SF4 if youre used to the older games

Hey guys.

I just realized that mashing jabs, doing focus attacks at random times, and repeatedly doing cross up block string, cross up block string can really help ones game. I come from a background of HDR, SF3, and other Capcom and SNK games so this feels really unusual. I felt like these were lame tactics, but its true, they work.

What are some other helpful strategies?

I’m not trolling. I just played a bunch of matches online trying out different strategies because I was constantly getting my ass kicked, having up to this point refusing to do what I thought were “lame” tactics.

Never thought the Noob forum could be helpful to the Street Fighter Veterans.

the most useful strategy is that there is no “lame” strategy if you keep jumping into my srk then im gonna keep srking you simple. why are you limiting yourself do whatever you can to win. some strategies include stopping a block string short to see if someone is srk happy, throwing out pokes to see how the other guy reacts, throwing someone and seeing if they crouch tech or dont, throwing and see if they tech at all, all this comes with experience if you’re feeling like you’re not having fun take some time off and come back.

Nothing is lame if it’s getting you the win. I imagine this thread will be full of links to the “cheap” article soon. But, generally speaking online players will be pretty scrubby and will be throwing out a lot of random stuff. Rather than curbing your game to play more random to beat them you’d be better off learning how to punish those worthless random moves.

Option-select Tech if you think someone’s going for a tick-throw in a block string. It’ll put you both back on even footing.

Use a frame trap if you think your opponent is mashing jabs.

Cut a combo short if you think your opponent is scrubbily mashing DP. It pays dividends.

If your opponent does a Focus Attack, there’s a few things that can happen in your favour:

[]You can charge your own Focus, they freak and release theirs, they dash forward out of habit and take yours in the face.
]You charge your own focus, absorb theirs and dash backwards
[]You dash backwards
]You use an armor breaker
[]You throw them if you’re in range
]You use a quick multi-hit attack

Then, there’s a few things that can go wrong:

[]You charge your own focus, they keep going and land the LV.3.
]You charge Focus, they dash out and hit you with something
[*]They clip one of your armor breakers or multihit attempts in startup, crumpling you regardless of the level of Focus

So you have a lot of things to think about when someone activates a Focus Attack. It depends on what options your character has to deal, and you need to get inside your opponent’s head a bit to make the right decision.

You totally misinterpreted my post. What you described are strategies that apply to any SF game. I’m curious about SF4 only strategies. Mashing jabs doesn’t have the strength in other games as it does in SF4. Focus attacks obviously aren’t in games other than SF4. And the cross up stuff I’m talking about could probably only be employed by DeeJay in HDR/ST.

SF4 stuff only, man.

I haven’t seen this. Can you link it?

But, I’ll say it again: Dumbing down your game to compete with them will hurt your game in the long run. You’re much much better off learning to counter the scrubby randomness.

WTH is this nonsense everyone is spouting these days. Hell yea there is lame and cheap shit in the games we play, but the point that we make is that by agreeing to play the game you agree that it’s fair to use whatever you can to get the win. However lame and cheap those tactics may be.

I’m not really getting what you’re saying because you seem to contradict yourself. I never said I condone certain techniques but, there is (almost) always a way to counter everything. That’s called game balance.

But there are certain methods and ss soon as you resort to using these techniques you’re definitely limiting yourself in the long run.

I’m not contradicting myself.

I’m saying that this oft quoted philosophy of playing to win does not mean that lame and cheap tactics don’t exist, it means that being lame and cheap to get the win is fair game.

Well, what do you want me to tell you? That everything you’ve learned up until now in past games is suddenly useless and that I have some super secret techniques hidden away in a magical scroll somewhere?

No. I won’t tell you that, because that would make me a liar.

Block the crossups (or auto-correct reversal when appropriate). Learn to tech. Learn to Anti-Air. Learn when to reversal. Learn what’s safe on block. Learn what your big combos are. Learn the spacing on your normals and specials. Learn the spacing on your opponent’s normals and specials. Learn what your character can spam without much reprisal. Learn how scrubby your opponent is so you can take proper precautions when you play because they’ll try to interrupt your combos with mashed DPs every chance they get.

That’s it, that’s all. After that, it all comes down to “Which move of mine beats which move of his?”

I think the general notion is to until you have truly exhausted all possible options, no tactic is lame or cheap. Labelling any tactic lame or cheap is most likely going to put an obstacle in your way in truly playing your best, it’s basically biasing the way you play, making you predictable, making you suck more than you should, or just stopping you from hitting your potential.

Not necessarily. Playing dumber people doesn’t make your game worse. Never playing better people is what makes your skill level stagnate.

Lol. My bad man. I hadn’t realized that more people had replied before I did. My first reply in the thread was for dthboi. You left a very valid response.

Sorry for the miscommunication. I should’ve quoted him:sad: