Strategies to beat Shadow Jago (arcade mode secret boss version)


I recently attempted to beat Shadow Jago for the first time and I’m having some difficulty to say the least lol. I’m using Fulgore, which is my main, and I am curious if anyone has any tips and strategies to beat Shadow Jago using him? I’m also wondering, encase I just wanna get this fight over with quick, is it possible to do the crouching short force block trick on shadow jago with Fulgore or is that something only Jago and Sadira can do?

Any help is greatly appreciated and feel free to post any strategies to beat shadow jago with other characters on this thread as well for other players that maybe having difficulty beating shadow jago.


Well, as of two days ago, I beat Shadow Jago with Jago. After many defeats, I got good blocking Shadow Jago’s barrage of attacks and when he whiffed an uppercut I’d capitalize on it by doing a throw into shadow laser sword. And finally, I shadow countered ever shadow move he did to me (outside of Shadow Endokuken).


yeah, about that.

Shadow jago was nerfed after the Sept 23 update. HARD. I played as Jago against him on medium and was able to beat him on the 7th try. I’m not a good KI player by far, and Jago is the least ideal character to use, but when I could use a double roundhouse into a heavy tiger fury without being broken right off the bat I knew something was up.

Kinda happy about this, but mostly disappointed. it’s like they shaved 20,000 feet off everest.