Strategy against really defensive guiles?



I seem to have the most trouble with guiles than any other character. they usually sonicboom, then flash kick when I get close, rinse repeat. I try to keep jumping to a minimum but the ex sonicbooms screw me over usually and I end up losing more distance between him and me than when I started. if I have the upper hand in health then it’s another story but most guiles I have come across don’t seem to come out of their shell (like most characters playing against gief I guess)

any useful advice you can give me would be appreciated

(I am a gief, of course)


guile was a problem for me before, but now hes ok. dont ever jump in on a guile holding down back (thats what guile wants you to do!). when you see guile have EX meter, you need to bait out those EX sonic booms so he wastes meter.

when u see sonic booms and guile is following it jump over it and drop down with knees quickly (im talking about right on the ending edge of a sonic boom), then hit him with KKK lariat and start crossing him up like crazy, this is where i do most of my damage.

EX hand those double sweeps right in the middle of them -->cross up games

pressure him into his corner holding down back, then wait for his jump in, PPP lariat guiles jump in, it trades —> cross up games. (you gonna have to be patient, and block alot of crap to pressure him to jump in)

if i score a long knock down, i empty jump over him, then cross up attack going back. its so confusing for them.

avoid doing random EX hands, u just gonna get hurt. (another thing guile wants you to do.)

for me beating guile is just a bunch of counter attack/trade with knock downs and whatever damage i can do on the cross up games (ALOT).

when guile first starts blocking my cross up successfully, i score another knock down and cross him up with a safe jump to test him out again (further reinforcing his blocking behavior), then the next time i score a knock down, i just cross up and bust out an 360+k or ultra or super.

sorry if im disorganized, but this is what i do to beat guiles at G2-A level.

the only guiles i have problems with are the guiles that can guess right.


i still have problems beating Guiles. so a knee beats guiles jump kick/throw? Cuz I always get thrown in the air once he jumps towards me. The ones I usually play against likes to throw the slow ones and play that game against me.


A jumping mk will stuff non-ex flash kick if timed / spaced properly. Standing MP works well. Most G-2 Guiles can be baited by a safe jump spalsh/knees to huck out flash kick and punish with 360/720.


just keep walking toward him and defend the sonic booms, jump over the sonic booms when he is far from you. eventually he will be at the corner. now just wait for him to attack and react, if he jumps - ppp, sonic booms - ex hand. all you need is one knockdown and one cross up and you will be in control.


dont jump in at him, or you will get flash kicked.

The best thing to do is to jump over his sonic booms when you are far away, then as you get closer he will stop the sonic booms and wait patiently for you to jump, don’t, wait for him to keep moving back, eventually you’ll corner him, and he will panic and try to jump over you or do a back throw, just wait for him to make the mistake and give everything you’ve got to him.


That isn’t a great suggestion given the recovery time on sonic boom.


That is very easy to say…I would not follow this strategy. Thats like saying to beat a good Ryu, just block the fireballs and jump over them. You should play some of those really good Guiles that will just eat this strat and shit it out. PPP? Begging to get knocked down. EX Hand is only good if you pull a psychic but then they would be waiting for that if you were in close enough range to hit it.



Some of the stuff in this thread is downright silly. A really good Guile presents a fairly unique challenge. They arent trying to hit you with the sonic boom, its there to bait you into a countermeasure they can punish. And they can punish EVERY countermeasure zangeifs got. My input is as follows:
Use your normals.
KKK,PPP,Green hand and yes EVEN EX Green hand should be used ONLY when you need them and they are absolutley safe.
Never miss an opprotunity to punish him.
Once you have a life lead, dont take risks. This will force him to be agressive, see above.


I dance around using to snuff flashkicks and work my way in with normals. The chip from sonic booms on gief is forgetable. If it isn’t a for the right distance, you’ll get thrown or FK, so you have to pick you spots. but yeha work your way in with normals, and BAIT him. If you can bait a guile into a flashkick, he should lose at elast half his life on exchange, same with a sweep. If a guile does a c.rh sweep, it should be instant EX GH counter.

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I agree with all of this but the good guile players NEVER EVER EVER use crouching roundhouse especially if they are in turtle mode… I mean, I still watch for it… but I dont think Ive ever seen it.


Duncan has a point…

You need to inch forward little by little. Make sure to know your spacing against Guile, as many Guile players love to bait things (such as EX-Hand). Even if Guile is not holding downback, he can still down-fierce you if you jump in. Jumping MK is an option, but it’s just an option. Not a winning strategy. Personally, I wouldn’t use it, unless it shoved them right into the corner (even on trade)

EX-Greenhand is hard with Guile’s Sonic Booms. Most of the time, Guile’s will know how to space the Sonic Boom in such a way where you will EX-Hand out of reaction, and barely miss him. Also, the fact that he can do a LP Boom and walk forward gets annoying.

Be patient, take a few hits, and get him in the corner (and don’t let him out!)


corner him and punish his frantic attempts to get out (i.e scissor kicks) with blocks and 360’s. thats what works for me anyway…most of the time


Guile O.o?