Strategy Against Top Tiers

Anybody who wants to share their strategy against those top tiers?

It’s really been hard for me to beat the crap out of Ken, Yun and Chun Li.

playing against ken and chun sucks. chun out ranges u on the ground all f’n day. ken’s well he’s just ken and let’s leave it at that. U can only do minor damage with high risk compared to his high damage low risk options. he can control the momentum when played right so good. even if u score a knockdown it’s not guaranteed to ur advantage against that whore.

vs Ken you have to whore karathrows on him imo, Yun is pretty handable, he’s just fucked up for everyone who can’t follow him around the field, use airchains when you suspect the yun to jump, jump back hp is great.

Chun is just a bitch

yun is actually not that bad of a matchup for elena.

i find dashing under chun’s jumps to be very effective. chun doesn’t have a crossup like ken’s mk and her jumping range makes it easy for you to time and position ur dashes.

when she gets jumpy try to dash under and, then hit-confirm into brave dance. the timeframe for the hit-confirm is almost as good as houyokusen but you’ll have to watch your position because at max-range it doesn’t connect.

unlike ken chun doesn’t have a high priority anti air, so you can try mixing some random hcb+lp and towards+mk into the game.

against ken you’ll have whore throws, like DooM said. train his mind to be attuned to teching throws, then throw out some xx brave dance :wink:

I seem to have a hard time with a Yun SA3… I played with this guy that never attacks when he has no meter, he is best in defending his position while building meter. And after building that meter… he goes into to genei jin frenzy. And so the cycle again repeats.

It seems that all I can do is be psychic to what he does to counter the genei jin

you have to do most of the damage while he’s turtling, a turtling Yun is easy to hit (obviously). tick throw that shit

DooM= tick throw that shit. No truer words have ever been spoken about elena’s offense.

use lk if he’s turtling u have frame advantage after wards. kara throw, kara throw, kara throw, kara throw son!!! if parries most mid attacks. stay at her max range and just zone, she’s like a lesser ken. get them in the corner and just get gangster on em’

everybody has trouble against certain characters, just get more practice in and always, always ask for advice.

hope this helps even somewhat.

Thanks for the tips… I’ll be trying to practice more often

This is a stupid question , and I would post it in the general strategy thread but no one has posted there in weeks : What is her best meter charging move? Ive been using Round Arc, slow but gives a good chunk of meter, which I need constantly since I use Healing.
Thanks in advance , Ill post my strategy against top tiers as I learn the ropes with Elena, I havent been using her long enough to have much of a solid strategy lol.
PS:I know Brave Dance is better, but Healing is just too fun, and Im gonna continue using it.

I feel embarassed to admit i am just getting myself into the thirdstrike scene. Okay elena is my character i wanna seriously learn.

Correct me if i’m wrong but so far i see her standing mp as a good anti air.

her crouching mp seems to be a good poke to stomp most rush down, i find her throw very effective especially after a opponent jumps over/toward you.

Basically i need somebody to show me the very begining of how to use this bitch, i will seriously show interest if somebody can help show me somethings.

Im sending you a PM with some basic stuff Snapout, since I dont wanna hijack m3x’s thread anymore than I already have haha. Im just learning her myself, so I dont have that much to offer as far as strategy , but Ill send you what I do know.

Tick throw, kara-throw, and a solid high-low mixup. Then, in the middle of it all, bust out the hit-confirms off of D.MP.

that’s all there is to it. Keep it tight, and keep it confusing and you’ll keep them on their back the whole round. Try your best to fuck with their head and use all the options that elena has to keep them from getting a lock on you.

I think another key to these matches is how you deal with their wakeups. Yun has trouble getting up, but Ken and Chun have amazing wakeup options that can totally reverse your rushdown and give them control. For ken, I usually try to stay just at kara-throw range so you have the most options. From there you can start a mixup, kara-throw them, or go for an overhead or a meaty based on what you think they’re going to do. Or you could do my favorite, walk in to bait an SRK, then block it and do EX-Rhino horn into scratch wheel.

EX-rhino horn into scratch wheel is actually really useful in general to punish all sorts of things and stop crossups. It also rapes yun’s divekick if you time it right.

Of course, if you fuck up your mixup, it’s short short super or worse. So you need some luck.

For chun I have no idea. Chun rapes me with no problem every time :shake:

Also, I guarantee you that if somebody you’re playing isn’t familiar with elena, you can get at least one knockdown by varying the strength of your lynx tails so they stop blocking in the middle, same with varying the timing on the second QCB Kick in the spin sythe sequence. works great on computers too.

Now, To say I play below the general standard of competition for these forums would be an understatement and I mostly play Yang these days so my elena is pretty rusty, so somebody correct me if I’m totally wrong about something, for my own sake.

I would say that I use her B+ HK when building meter because it recovers fast enough and it would act as a bait for your opponent… It can be used as an anti-grab move also.

That move and her kara-throw are still her best arsenal in fighting and also her hit confirm into SA2 cr MP xx SA2 makes her dangerous

K with her Crouching MP hit-confirm brave dance, I have this one little problem (which sometimes lose me the match)

See, with Chun Li’s crouching MK, you always land the super if you land the crouching MK. But with Elena, sometimes you catch your opponent in the air. Even if he’s just a little off the ground, the Brave Dance will whiff completely or just get a hit or two off an awkward juggle. And the window of confirmation is smaller with Elena’s crouching MP, therefore it’s very hard to react to such a situation.

This situation’s happened to me a couple times. Mostly it happens when they randomly do a UO, and on rare occasions it happens when they begin a jump or I get too excited when I anticipate an empty jump maneuver. It sucks because the move isn’t a strictly-low attack, so you’ll never be able to escape that shit completely, but if you stick to just replacing kara throws in your mixup with the hit confirm then it shouldn’t happen too often. What I usually do is see how they react to most of my setups before even trying it, that way I have a good idea of whether or not the hit confirm is viable. If they love to jump, then you can do all sorts of damage without having to rely on it.

My real problem is that if you cancel at the last possible moment or are at max range, a couple characters tend to block brave dance after getting hit by the strong. Either that, or I cancel when they parry and I completely miss as they do a low attack. For the most part it’s Makoto, Chun Li, and Dudley, but the blocking problem is not exclusive.

Here’s one strategy that Ive’d learned




I too hate Ken players

there is to much scary stuff he can do in the corner

Is there any jabs i could possible use to cancel into a throw or something, or would i have to know how to Roll Cancel. I feel if i don’t know how to do that well as well as parry i’m screwed wid her.

I’m not understanding your question. If you want to know good ticks, st. and cr. LK. If you want to know how to kara throw it’s off of forward + MK.