Strategy Against Top Tiers

So Kara throw is medium kick then grab?

Roll cancel, lmao. This ain’t CVS2 man. Where did you see rolling in this? Lol.

Her kara throw is with toward and forward kick (or medium kick whatever you wanna call it), but you have to press throw before the animation of the toward forward kick is shown, so basically you drum your fingers across F. FK and throw really fast. If you do it right, you should hear the sound for her FK, but only the throw animation will come out, and the range of your throw will be greatly increased.

I’m not a elena expert, but i make sure to always use my free time in a match to build meter, i take advantage of this after every throw, and every super. I usually do 2 - 3 standing hks and move backwards while doing it.

ahem… a few things that i hope are relevent

vs. yun his dive crosses elena up to easily to describe and since her stance is low to the ground going into the lp,lk,mp chain is as easy as pie for him. far dive kicks get poned by b-hk but don’t over abuse or they can set you up by changing the timing, close dive kicks are a bitch even for high level players(did anyone here see the US vs Japan 3s matches) you best bet is you time your,j.hp chain carefully
his is destryoed by a properly timed hk
t-mk has wierd properties, learn it’s timing. sometimes it beats out b-hk and sometimes not. true high leevel players don’t use yuns t-mk when SA3 is not activated i am just throwing that out thier
learn to red parry the lp shoulder after lp,lk,mp,lp shoulder
-a couple of times in a match when a yun has been doing dive kicks and a tried to do b-hk i accidently did a lynx tail and it cleanly countere the dive kick. i am doing further experimenting with this.

vs. ken
learn to hit confirm cause a good ken player sure as hell can and they have less time to do it
if you suspect a wake up dragon punch distance yourself so you can parry the first and the second or third hit will not knock you down and then punish.
reflexes, if you have seen the mk-counter video you know that a poorly timed can be a brave dance opportunity
master the option select, ken has crazy throw tricks (paul lee match vids anyone)
don’t whore b-hk even though it seems like a good idea, they can stick out c,mk and nail you with SA3

vs. Chun
ok this is a formula for fighting chun

  1. take a deep breath
  2. relax your back
  3. stick your head between you legs
  4. and kiss you ass good bye
    but seriously
    vs. hp use one of elenas trips
    try to bait a far hk cause when elena crouches it whiffs and you get a free brave dance
    i know i have said this before but learn everyting you can about her most of the time it owns elena like i own da ho’s but and the right range hk can smack her like a uh… uh a thing that likes to get slapped
    go for a mental win is the best advice i can give here(not that helpful since you are always supposed to go for a mental win) get yourself at the magic distance and walk up kara-throw after every poke they throw out


I find the shotos pretty easy(well, not easy to handle with Elena. Just keep Round Arch and Mallet Smash handy and always stay within poking distance. If you’re in close or across the screen you are in trouble.

any stuff vs necro??

well necro player coreografo, necro vs elena is a match you should scout a bit, if the elena player likes to jump switch your super to magnetic storm instead of electric snake
our b-hk owns alot of your far pokes and your close pokes and your throw tricks
master your air drills spacing and timing or i will own you
and let me go out with your tiny pale girlfriend

Yun: Pick Spinning Beat so he’s less likely to divekick all over you. Before you start, back+roundhouse is not a foolproof way to beat divekicks. He can mix up the types of kicks, whereas you only have one back+roundhouse.

Ken: Treat Ken like any other opponent. Don’t be predictable, don’t get parried, draw out his attack and counter. That’s all I can tell you.

Chun-Li: From the start out, you want to get a lead off on her. Hit for hit, you’ll probably do more damage than Chunny until she gets a meter. So be aggressive. Elena doesn’t have a lot to fear from pattycake.

Yun may be able to mix up his dive kicks…but you can honestly beat all of them with B+Rh. The only exception might be the Short dive kick, but if it’s at an angle that you can’t B+Rh it, he’s gotta be really high off the ground, which means you can just block that shit and throw him.

spinning beat is not so good against dive kicks
often he will get knocked behind you and wont take the full super and even thought he can’t fast get up after super yun and yang get up fast enough normally to punish you
also sometimes dive kick and spinning beat trade
stick with SAII vs yun
and i’m pretty sure i said not to overabuse b-hk vs yun in an earlier post

The point is to have the threat available, not to use it. At least Spinning Beat is a threat; Brave Dance is not a threat to Yun at all.

I still don’t think you need either of those…Dive Kicks are straight pwned by B.Roundhouse, so he needs to come in with a different attack. Besides, people that play turtling Yun’s are just ASKING to get SA3’d.

with his defense, yes it is. If you are under Genei Jin pressure it can actually beat his attacks if you time it right.

Elena doesn’t have much stamina. The goal against Yun is to deal as much damage as possible in as few hits as needed. You aren’t going to beat him in a slugfest because he will combo from anything he hits you with.

thats true , the way yun can do dive kick to cross over elena damn near everywhere on screen and go to lp,lk,mp GJ is very unfair.

a properly timed b-hk and hit yun out of a dive kick which will reset set him and from there you can start working your throw and tactics and hopfully score you a super. if he tries to jump away have a FP or a rhino horn ready to shove up his ass
get inside that little fuckers head, though elena has low stamina, his is lower. correctly chosen normals can quickly lead to a stunned yun (hahahaha that rhymes) and a V on your side of the screen

I usually gamble with Elena’s cr. lk xx Brave dance when Yun activates his GJ after a blocked GJ starter. It works most of the time but should never be abused…

Its my last resort if my health meter is low.

but your use of the word gamble is what raises my eyebrow, if you are taking a chance you might as well put the odds on your side, do a down parry and throw, this will
A) Parry his lp of the chain and you throw him, no matter what side he lands on
C) option select his throw attemp to either clash or poke him out of it
B) they do mp which may either beat you out completly and he could either do mp,lk link to lp dash punch or mp,hp,b-hp
D) they do mp and and you throw him out of it
E) they do mp and your optoin select pokes trade hit and the match is reset in your favor i believe, meaning you are at a distance which benefits elena more than yun

the fact is you have to be a better player
if you are playing some one inferior yun player you will own him, your b-hk will own his poorly spaced dive kicks, you will kara throw his ass to pieces you will red parry his lp shoulder after the chain and go to super, if he randomly activates GJ you can parry or avoid his predictable attemps to setup a juggle and you will win and look sexy doing it.
if you are playing a yun player superior to you, he will do dive kicks that are properly timed and spaced so you cannot b-hk and you may even get crossed over, he will know what moves beat your b-hk (i could name them but i don’t wanna give them away to those no in the know :arazz: ) he will close mk sjcsc any attempt you make to throw him or cross him over.
you have to be a better player and a master of your character and her normals.
start practicing!!!

Sorry to come down on you so hard fellow elena players i just really want to see more elenas in the finals from now on

Proud to say that last month I met Justin Wong in the winner’s bracket finals at Magfest 4 (playing as Elena) :wgrin: He played as Yun and stomped me, hahaha

sweet, all i ask for is an effort