Strategy and match ups

So what’s his strategy and match ups? I think he’s like Sagat…you can rush a little but you should turtle too. Best grooves are already established: A, N and K. A groove is probably his best with RCing, Dash, and hop. N has that Alpha Counter Movement, which is awesome to escape Sak’s GC CC (and the only way for Blanka). K is good because Blanka can use the Rage and low jump.Plus you don’t even have to use his super (although you should). Just bite them, whiff mp blanka ball and electricity. If you repeat that a few times, you’ll have done a lot of damage. I’ll get back to this thread later (going to sleep. 3 am man). I hope there will be contributions.

you should actually rush…alot. Once you start rushing down, you can mix it up with some smart RC electricity, up and down with jumping rh,, and cross ups with mk.

Backhop is the too good. Mash it when someone’s doing links/fancy combos, so you can escape relatively safely if they miss.

IMO K Blanka is better than N Blanka, and C Blanka is better than those two. so my rating is A, C, K, P, N, S. You don’t REALLY need counter movement, it’s really only needed for one match up (abet a common one) - A-Sak. Against a-sak there are other things you can do to avoid getting hit with free cc (like back hop). You can even dash alot so you’re not grounded when they activate, so you can bounce out of the cc instead of taking the full hits.

But to this day, I feel THE worse matching for Blanka is Eagle. I swear ALL of eagle’s normals stuff all of your normals. He can cross you up with jump rh. beats out Ball for free, or they could just block and punish with fp. And his anti-air beats you out everytime.

Eagle players are few but there are some good ones. Anyway…I think you’re right about the counter movement. If you’re in a roll groove, you could just RC electricity or Blanka Ball to escape GC. But C Groove is definitely good for Blanka; the reason why I put N for Blanka is also cuz he shares some traits with K Blanka. Powerup (stock), run(not that great compared to Dash), low jump BUT he gets RC. That’s like K Blanka with roll and no JD. I also think K Blanka is better than N Blanka so no arguing there.

Oh I’ll just add some more easy misc. stuff for the hell of it. After Punch Throw (hold back for charge) and use mp blanka ball. It’ll whiff and get you on the other side. After that, just do electricity (if you can RC, great. If you can’t (due to no roll groove or just can’t), you can always press lp, mp, fp, lp, fp. There are a lot of ways to get electricity fast: it just involves 5 button taps and ending it with fierce.

i’ll add to your tactic…if you move back a millisecond before you mp blanka ball, you won’t cross up.

I think N Blanka is easily the best Blanka, with A just under that. There is NO WAY P blanka is better than N. RC and Lowjump is just too fucking good. Some of the best lowjump moves AND RC’s in the game. N Blanka is the best Blanka also because of Counter Roll, this makes his fight against Sakura so much easier.

i think it goes…


i’ve tried both A and N blanka, and imo, having dash is way more useful than having small jump(i.e., the knockdown, and stupid random crossup, rc elec under pressure is much more effective than small jump rh/crossup j.fwd)

although i do rate N higher than C, because C relies more on AA super/wakeup super or the really uncommon c.short, s.jab xx super. whereas N relies on basically the same thing, but at least he gets his uber small jumps

plus A-blanka has that stupid 50/50 activation bullshit anyways.

tutling with 3 lvls of C blanka is >>> N Blanka. They both have RC and I agree the dash is better for him.

i put blanka as part of my new P-groove team.
any suggestion w/ P-blanka?

standing :hp: is so good for baiting out low parries. it looks like you can punish it, but you can’t. tap down after every blocked standing :hp:, watch for free parries.

abuse low jump when you can, if you do an early :hk:/:hp:, it’s hard to counter. :mk: is also and excellent cross up. if you’re close enough after the small jump, mash electricity for some free chip. or hop back for some safety.

and like C-Blanka, build some meter, and once you have meter, you’re free to turtle, with occasional rush down. defensive crouching blanka with meter = dangerous blanka.

i do a lot of low jump + hk.then wait for them to counter then parry.
i’ll try using s. HP as parry bait…
what’s his best anti air aside from the super??

Low Jump up s.fp, Block, Jump Back Fierce.

I don’t know about you but my c blanka lands short short jab level 3 ball all the time :open_mouth: i’d still rather have activation tho just so i can do stupid complicated stuff then drop them on the easy ass jumping fierces >_<

Against p groovers Blanka doesn’t have to be so worried against eating a wake up low parry. Blanka can do xx back hop to get away from it all. It makes the parry useless, as well as sets up some mental games.

Not to mention his s.HK is a great AA move and if you are start charaging you can catch them on the way down with a HP Ball for free.

Nah they can block by the time they land or the FP Blanka ball will whiff (most likely this). IMO the groove order after ANK would be: C,P,S. C Blanka can RC so that’s kinda important in high level. P Groove is also pretty good but I don’t like using charge chars in P groove because then after a parry, i can’t retaliate with a super as fast as qcf qcf + P for example.

More stuff…
DL can cross up after a knockdown. A level 1 DL crosses up differently from a level 3. It’s all about timing. Plus, different characters have different wake up times (or something like that) so it’s not always going to be the same. Sagat is probably the best to practice the crossover DL with because he’s commonly used.

i like blanka’s C groove because its the only groove with air guard, very useful if your fighting someone thats good with bison,vega,maki and other high jumping characters. Blanka is also a very great rush character that has a lot of mixups like instead of finishing a combo with a ball hit him with a slide punch or a crouching HP or command dash forward with a throw. Blanka’s crouching moves are awesome when using turtle style.

c-blanka is good, but i’d say a-blanka is the best. having cc activation helps in situations where you would’ve had to block is a good thing. Since it’s well known that blanka has THE worse alpha counter in the game.

but then again, just about everyone can benifit from having invincibility from two buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

and while c-blanka can get BIG damage off a counter-hit lvl3 direct lightning, c-blanka can’t do much damage unless he’s charged. With damaging and relatively simple cc’s, a-blanka can easily do big damage without a charge.

I guess it all depends on your style of play. If you like to turtle, c-groove’s for you, if you like to mix up/rush down, a-groove’s probrably made for you.

as for high jumping characters, jump straight up fp is still a VERY good anti-air option against them.

though i should incorporate his command hop forward more into my game for some mix up. hop back is very good as well. It can get you out of many, MANY sticky situations.

at texas showdown, i asked bas and otaku who they thought the best character was in the game. they both agreed on A-blanka, so A-blanka is CLEARLY better than C-blanka. having the ability to punish something without a charge is huge, and you have a lot more situations to hit your CC than you do with a level 3. interestingly enough, they said K-cammy was second.


that is interesting…since it’s almost general consensus that p-cammy is the best version of cammy…but this is the blanka thread, so i’ll try to stay on topic :stuck_out_tongue:

A blanka is probly the best but it all depends on what style you use him. i can go either way. i hate blanks air weakness though but then again i dont jump that often anyway