Strategy and Tactics: What happened?

It seems as if ever since the forums got an upgrade, the skill of posts/threads/posters in Strategy and Tactics has dropped severely. Has anyone else noticed this?

(Btw Mods, I’m not trying to start anything. Just looking for an explanation/discussion)

If you are referring to the lack of good tactics on many characters, I think one part of that is that most people only post for the top/common chars. I have noticed that most of the new posts are of course on cable/sent/magneto/storm with cyclops/capcom/psylocke. No one wants to try and get serious on any other characters but the ones considered to be top tier. Lack of originality I believe is the cause…

Actually, I was referring to the “General Strategy” section of mvc2. It’s pretty sad.

It’s because there’s isn’t anything new out yet.But if there were,i don’t think peoples would like to share it(depends on the person).In my opinion,i think it’s good that the peoples shouldn’t share it,because it’ll be boring.The more secrets,the more excitement.:evil: .

I made a few dope ass threads (10 plus pages for each, one all magneto and the other general marvel)

They are active to this day. Since i got heavy into the tourney scene tho it’s more tempting to keep secrets now

I think secrets kill the community. We’re hiding stuff why japanese/maybe other countries are sharing it. I think its bd thing. Of course, if everybody is hiding stuff, and you don’t, you’ll be at a disadvantage, so what can you do? The community kills itself.

Good old days where players like Viscant, KDCmarvel, Duc and mt would share anything with srk members. Nowadays, I think besides a couple of your threads, nobody wants to share anymore(well, Dasrik shares a lot, but he is not a top top MvC2 player)

Just a couple of thoughts, please don’t take offense by it

But they can’t keep it for long.They’ll have to bust it out eventually.Like in a casual match or at a friend’s house.Then,his friends will go to the Mall and use the secrets on someone else,then it’ll pass on.So,secrets can’t be kept forever.So,don’t worry if it’s killing the community.Because,i don’t think it does,just because the secrets(if there are any:p )are being kept secrets.

Trust me as long as there is still good comp for Mvc2, there well always be secrets.

Yeah,but they’ll bust it out eventually.Trust me:) .

OK, I won’t be offended… but I do take issue with the part I took the liberty to italicize.

Everybody would love to hear the phattest strats from the best of the best. Myself included. I’m not crabbing you for that…

…but, for the most part, they don’t. I don’t really blame them; that’s fine, and that’s life.

So when somebody who actually knows what the phuck they’re talkin’ about actually DOES hang around this god-forsaken place and try to share what they know (for whatever reason), you really might as well listen.

If you hang around awhile, it’s fairly easy to separate the wheat from the chaff as far as information. Some people are obviously uninformed, and some people clearly have some time in with the game, good thought processes and an ability to convey the information well on the boards.

I’m not trying to pick on luigi specifically, I want to make that clear. But the whole “If you’re not Evo Top 8 or from Japan then you must not know anything” attitude needs to go. It’s high time & long overdue.

So if you’re gonna continue to come to SRK for MvC2 improvement, please, be mature, open your mind & be willing to learn from anyone who may be able to help you instead of waiting for J. Wong himself to descend from on high and personally teach you Marvel. We’ll all be a lot better off.

k thx

personally, i do see people post less ever since certain games got their own forum. i guess it was easier for people to just go one forum instead of browsing through character threads. it’s cleaner and it saves time in my opinion, but i guess people are just getting lazy to USE THE SEARCH FEATURE .

secrets will always be part of the gaming community.

You got me all wrong. I totally agree with you. I think Dasrik is a great and kind player and I even save some of his posts on my HD. I was trying to say that top players don’t share anymore, and just it. It’s a blessing that very good players still post and share, or else we woul have a much bigger problem.

Still, many "not as top " players that used to post here seems to be also gone. Good posters like Jinmaster, Fluffy, Stiltman, NatexGrey and others practically disappeared…

That’s what I was trying to say. Maybe the only great poster left is Dasrik, and I really appreciate his efforts.

That’s cool, man. There are a few other notable individuals who still post re: Marvel, but I suppose Dasrik is the most well-known & widely recognized. So no harm done, I know what you were getting at, and I know you didn’t mean any ill will by what you said.

I really tried to stress that my post above was not an indictment on you personally; I would like to reiterate that now. :slight_smile:

Hopefully people can see past the indignant tone of my earlier post (sorry about that, bad day) and consider whatever decent points I may have made on their own merits.


i think most people just forgot about S&T , i know i did lol

Agreed. I really think that separating the games/characters does make the forum a cleaner, but also a lot less more active. People can’t click on one link, and see topics on varying subjects. Now they only go where they want to, and miss out on other threads that might have caught their eye.

So you post at gamefaqs instead? :frowning:

I understand why people keep secrets on tactics and such, but it still bothers me. I know that button-switch/negative edge thing was around for a while before I even heard about it, and it kinda bothered me that I had to hear it off of gamefaqs/my friend.
/me shrugs

Is there any chance to get the forums back to the old way? Separate strategy by games its nice, but by character is just too much, IMO. Specially at MvC2, that is about teams and tons of relationships(DHCs, assists and such).

Threads are too much one sided. For an instance, Magneto fans don’t read IM thread so we lose the old passioned theory fighter battles…

edit: And when gamefaqs starts to be more advanced than srk, thats not a very good sign. A while ago some of the worst posters here would be able to debate with some of the best there.

I seriously doubt things will go back to the old way, there was an awful lot of work put into making things character-specific I’m sure…

I don’t really think the format is the problem, anyway. As much as I liked the old way, I have to admit that this layout has its positive aspects.

Probably the best thing that could happen would be for people to start using the Marvel General Strategy section in the way that people used to use the old S&T folder. That’s the logical place for things like team-based discussion, specific matchups and other various stuff that doesn’t neatly fit into a character folder.

All that being said, I don’t think any of this matters if people just don’t have anything to say. I get the general feeling that everybody knows about what they want to know re: Marvel & only cares to fine-tune already existing skills & strats… if that. Maybe SRK was so successful at its intended purpose (at least as far as Marvel) that it became its own worst enemy (kinda like English, and Latin before it), leaving us with the situation you see today discussion-wise.

It’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but perhaps a thread on the less common characters (you know… the other 50 or so… :lol: ) and what they’ve got going for them would help get the creative juices flowing, and bring back some of the theory fighter & substantive discussion that brought me to the boards in the first place way back when. One can dream, anyway…

…highly unlikely, though. :frowning:

Getting rid of character specific sections but keeping the games separated sounds like a great idea to me.

There are also a serious lack of quality posters in Strategy & Tactics.

i know i ain’t reguarded as nobody yet but i mean; i post valuable info in IM and sometimes Mag and Storm threads…but then i’ll have a noob, that has a question about a flying screen or something, try to shoot down what i said.

i think getting rid of character specific strats is a great idea, but i know it won’t happen…

i just thought about it, i talk more in matchingmaking threads about MvC2 than in the S&T threads…“who posts in THAT shit?”:lol:

A few days ago I made a thread about MvC1 in the “other games” forum. The thread is still going, since I am practically begging :slight_smile: for answers, but all the info there is about things I asked.

Then I made a thread in the fighting game discussion asking if the game was dead. How ironic. That thread has already more posts about different characters strategy than my original thread, even though it wasn’t meant to discuss strategy.

Buck, I don’t think MvC2 strategy is all known already. Although there aren’t big news anymore, when I watch some vids I realize lots of matchup specifics that I never read at srk, and I’ve been reading here since the days of Viscant and KDcmarvel.

I think there are 3 problems now:

  • Flamers - A newbie asks for a question people start saying how idiot he is. A good player explains something newbies starts sayiing how idiot he is. This in part leads to problem 2:

  • Not sharing - In 2000/2001, the STSFN mentality seems to be at work just in the weeks really close to the big tourneys. Out of it, most top players would come to srk and discuss strategiew freely, with greater theory fights that would make both sides of the discussion better. I remember a great BH vs sentinel discussion between AK vs Viscant, today I think EC and WC would just say lets wait and see or something like it, at best. Plus some foreign posters would help here a lot, mt, kdcmarvel,coy and white from the top of my head. The unknown good posters often lose interest because of teh flamers so things keep getting worse

  • The format - What we are discussing here. I hope some Adm is reading this to collect our opinions. Fighting game discussion attracts lots of strategies, much more than the strategy zone, IMO. It seems to be agreed that one forum to each game would be best, and fighting game discussion could be left to non strategy topics and older game strategies.

Well, just my 2 cents