Strategy Discuss: Punch vs Kick


Okay, serious discussion time. This is where we’re gonna answer the age-old question of “What’s better: punches or kicks?” Punches would seem to be the best option, but kicks are equally as threatening. Then some characters can only either use punches or kicks, nothing in-between. Is it a dog-punch-dog world or a dog-kick-dog world? Let’s begin.


In terms of beginning combos and using for pokes, kicks.

Punches are typically used for larger damage in combos, anti-airs, resets, etc…

Basically what it comes down to for me is kicks are more utilitarian and punches are more power heavy.

I like to do shit quickly and use blockstrings alot, both of which would be harder without kicks, so I like kicks more.

This is coming from someone who is never seriously challenged in fighting games mind you, just with friends that are semi-competent to total scrubs.


kicks cause i can do,


I remember when I thought those were the strongest movies. :rofl:


Low Forward is a _______

There you go!


It’s all in the mind.


prefer grabs


Can’t combo a grab.


No one is making a game based on divepunches


What game are we talking about exactly? And who needs combos I just reset every time.


I meant in general, generally you can’t combo into a grab.

And resetting every time sounds incredibly predictabo. Doing anything everytime is predictabo.


Eddie’s shadow.


There are probably as many games, if not more where you can combo into grabs than games you can’t


I disagree:


You can do an OTG command throw in V-Ism in A3, and in KOF you can combo grabs. You can combo in an out of throws in the new VF too if I’m not mistaken. There’s probably way more out there.
ST Hawk going for an OS Sako tick setup every time on your wakeup is technically predictabo. Have fun getting out.

Balrog/Boxer beats this thread with his fists.


Low strong for best yomi.


Don’t make joke threads that belong on GameFaqs Jr. You’ll get a time-out, as the forum rules mention.